Seeing Red

Dress: Marshall's ($5 clearance, booya!)
Sweater: Talbots
Shoes/Belt: Macy's
Flower Pin: DIY
Did you know that twirling is the new running?  No? Well it is, or at least that's what I told myself when I didn't want to run after work and instead twirled around in my big girl skirt.  The Boston Marathon's in 27 days, who needs running? I'm sure I can just twirl up Heartbreak Hill...

I digress.  I had an important meeting today and decided to rock this $5 bargain basement dress as a skirt.  That's what the hip kids are doing...but I'm not hip...or a kid.  Besides its price tag the best thing about this dress is the pockets! I like to hide my work badge in them.   Didn't I already state that I'm not hip?

Normally I would shy away from this length of skirt cause I'm a total shortie but longer skirts are back and I'm always on trend (rriigghht).  Again, the belted cardigan is a petite lass' best friend as it lengthens our short waists.  Aah the joys of being 5'1."  I love adding a pop of color when the rest of the outfit is so neutral, hence the red shoes, belt, DIY felt flower pin (see yesterday's post!) and earrings.

What styling tricks do you use to perfect what your momma gave ya?

Have a twirly Tuesday!


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