Maxed Out

For the record I am not talking about my credit card (stop sweating Jamie).  Below,I present the fruit of my Saturday labor shopping at one of the best Marshalls I have found south of the Mason-Dixon line.  

Dress - Marshalls
Shoes - Target
Pearls/Black beaded bracelet - gifts
Keys to my Plymouth Neon - one of a kind :)
This dress is an example of the previously illusive non-jersey, thick strapped, deep V-neck, subtle patterned maxi dress.  Like me, several of my curvy and/or short friends have found it difficult to find maxi dresses made for people other than Gisele Bundchen.  I had all but given up hope (quite like I did with finding good pizza in D.C. but that's a different story) when this dress greeted me at the front of the store Saturday morning.  I instantly loved it and its $19.99 price tag.  The fabric hides the bumps and lumps (I've sampled a lot of bad pizza), the straps/deep V combo highlight the assets without requiring a horrendous strapless and the pattern does not scream, "I stole this muumuu from Mimi's closet."

Please excuse my post-gym, late day humidity hair
So if you are still searching for the perfect maxi dress, here are a few helpful hints:
1. Find a dress with a top shape that is most flattering to you.  If you've worked hard all winter to get Michelle Obama arms, rock a strapless dress; if you have great shoulders, try a halter...you get the drift. 
2. If you can, buy one size down.  This may sound crazy but I tried on a lot of dresses during my quest for maxi(mum) success and buying one size down makes both the torso and skirt fit closer to the body so you aren't swimming in fabric.  You want to avoid Iooking like you wrapped a picnic blanket around yourself before walking out the door.
3. Buy something you can wear with flats or heels.  Versatility is key to maxi(mizing) wear!  


Lindsey W said...

Cara so what Marshals was this?

Sarah said...

Oh, man. Maxi dresses are tricky, aren't they? I'm even tall and have a hard time liking how I look in them. I found one, though, and I'm inspired to search for more. The print on yours is great, and the back detailing is so fun!

Cara said...

Lindsey - It was up in Bel Air so its a real hike from here but I was in that area for a BBQ so I hit it up. The one by us is such a disaster area!

Sarah - Thank you! They really are tricky! The back detail was a real selling feature which I forgot to talk about :)

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