Still going strong

I've already made it farther than many of you thought I would, so there! I am 9 days into the 30x30 Remix and am doing well so far.  I do miss my other shoes (sigh, till we meet again.)  I was in North Carolina for work Monday and Tuesday so I did my best with the Radisson's many mirrors. Without further ado:

Monday:  "So D.C." After getting up at 3:30am to fly to RTP and then leading meetings all day, I was feeling pretty drained.  Then, I met family for dinner where my aunt dubbed this outfit, "so D.C."  While I appreciated her intended compliment, to me, "so D.C" is a power suit and sensible (ugly) shoes.  Anyway, I love this outfit and always wear it like this.  Remixing this skirt will be one of my biggest challenges as I always wear it with this cardigan or a hot pink top.  
Cardigan - Ann Taylor Loft, Tank - Old Navy, Skirt - Marimekko for Anthropologie, Shoes - Seychelles, Flower Pin - H&M

Tuesday: Just call me Spike.  I finally wore my 5th pair of shoes today.  I adore them but they are 4.5" tall and are not made for long distances so they are saved for days when I can sit in long thorough, boring productive meetings.
Dress - Marshalls, Belt - Betsy Johnson, Shoes - Daniblack 

Wednesday: This Shirt is Bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S!   I love how bright this shirt is, it screams summertime, sunshine or Banana runts.  This belt is from a pair of capris I owned when I was 18; fortunately you never outgrow accessories! 
Shirt - XXI, Shorts - Ann Taylor Loft, Belt - Aeropostale, Shoes - Seychelles

Thursday: She's Gone Country.  OK if you're keeping tabs, this shirt was not in the original 30x30 picture. I'm swapping it for the navy blue/white polka dot top seen in that picture.  I haven't worn that shirt as it requires a white tank underneath it and I'm already tired of my white tank top.  My husband gave me a once over this morning and said, "you're ready for the farm." I quipped back with, "only if it's Ralph Lauren's ranch." :) 

Shirt - Dillards, Skirt - Banana Republic, Belt - Ralph Lauren, Flip-flops - Kino
my new nail polish - Essie's Coat Azure

With that, I have one more day of work and then I'm heading to the farm (really) and a friend's wedding. Stay tuned, it is sure to get more spicy next week as I start to rinse, repeat and remix items! 


Renee B. said...

I am having some serious jealousy issues over that skirt lady! Seriously! You look fab:)

Fashion Meets Food said...

Wow all your outfits look absolutely fabulous! Love your blog and I am your newest follower.


Beverly said...

i'm enjoying your outfits, and i really like your yellow banana top! :)

Cara said...

Thank you all for such sweet comments! It's been quite an experience thus far, and we're only getting started!

Susan said...

oh wow, i love those nude heels, so gorg!

Cara said...

Thank you Susan, they are surprisingly comfortable! I love Seychelles.

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