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Before the 30x30 challenge fades into the recesses of my mind, I want to recap the outfits, and lessons learned over the past month. First things first, I really enjoyed the challenge and will absolutely participate again this fall. While I did step into my closet and hug my other summer dresses over the weekend I did far better than anyone who knows me expected me to do, and that's a pocket-sized piece of pride I can hang my fedora on. Here are all thirty (albeit miniature) outfits:

Lessons Learned: 1) I have two very separate closets, one for work and one for play. When selecting my thirty items I was very concerned about what I would wear to 4 weeks of work without being asked if my washer and dryer were broken. While my office has a "casual summer" policy, rolling up in shorts (Bermudas excluded) or tank tops wasn't going to happen. In retrospect, I wish I included a few more items from my weekend wardrobe rather than wear "work" clothes on the weekend. This would have added some spice to my outfits, and would have challenged me to remix more casual items into work-appropriate outfits. 2) Piggy-backing off the first lesson, next time I need to throw more prints, bright colors and a pair of crazy shoes into the mix. Everything I picked was fairly neutral and felt slightly boring, especially by the end. For this reason I found myself yearning for brighter, bolder pieces and discovered my love of gold accessories.3) Speaking of accessories, I leaned heavily on them, more so than I normally do and I liked it, I really liked it! I reached for necklaces, scarves, headbands/hats and bracelets that rarely see the light of day in a given month. I think the accessories are the reason my favorite outfits were 4, 14, 17 and 28. 4) Packing with a limited wardrobe is so easy! We were out of town every single weekend of the challenge and my husband can attest, I've never packed so quickly or so lightly. If there's only one take away from this experience its learning to remix on vacation. Remind me of this in August when I pack for California! 5) I own WAY too many dry clean/hand wash only items. The guys at Zips knew me and my 4 items very well, thank god for $1.50 dry cleaning! As for those hand wash items...ugh, I used half a bottle of Woolite this month and those items are going to the very back of my closet for awhile, until I get over the trauma of so much hand washing.6) The blogging community is amazingly supportive, complimentary and welcoming. As a new blogger and new remixer I really enjoyed seeing my sisters in style assemble amazing outfits day in and day out. You all are truly inspirational in your creativity, eye for detail and ability to sparkle everyday. I'm honored to have my blog listed alongside yours on Kendi's list of remixers. It's been grand gals, until Fall when we do it all over again!
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Anonymous said...

Yea! Congrats, Cara! I'm a new blogger and remixer too, and it's fun to look at everyone's 30 for 30 outfits. You inspire me to wear more accessories. Can't wait to see your California vacation pics in August. Where are you visiting? I'm a San Francisco girl. :)

ChiccaStyle said...

Oh congratulations honey!!!I love outfits remix, so this is a great post!

dotty said...

congrats on finishing! i'm constantly trying to find pieces that are for both my work and fun closets and it's quite a challenge!

dash dot dotty

Virginie's Cinema said...

LOVE seeing all the looks together!

I'm so glad you learned so much from the challenge, remixing is awesome!

Have a great week-end :)

Virginie ♥

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