Wednesday's Wardrobe: Awkward Occasions

In an effort to be slightly more organized around here I'm committing to a weekly feature entitled, Wednesday's Wardrobe.  Hump days will now highlight outfits, trends, or whatever strikes my fashion-loving fancy.  For this first post, I'm highlighting three outfits I've worn this week to fashionably awkward events.

This week I had two interviews for an internal promotion.  While that may drive you to dust off your trusty ol' suit, the suit is the kiss of death in my office.  Wearing a suit triggers a choose your own adventure series of questions.  For instance, if you where a suit you may be asked:

1) So where's the interview? (meaning, outside our office)
If you say nowhere, then
2) Who's the meeting with?
You answer, Fill in the blank corporation...
3) Is it a debriefing? Are they bringing lawyers? Do you think you'll get a lawsuit? Are you freaking out? And so on...

So needless to say, no suits for internal interviews.  While I'm fairly certain I bombed both interviews, I think I nailed the internal interview attire.  Maybe my office is hiring a stylist for interviewees? Sigh, if only!  Anyway, I wore this to the first interview since it was for a different division where I was less familiar with the interview panel...and maybe I just wanted to wear my new post-shopping ban blazer.

Please excuse my post gym hair.  Blazer - Nordstrom,  Dress/Belt - Marshall's,  Shoes-DSW, Jewelry - Assorted craft shoes

This was my second interview outfit for a position in my home division so I felt more comfortable wearing something less formal.  Wrap dresses are the best,  comfortable, universally flattering, easy to style.  Thank you Ms. Von Furstenberg for creating them!
Dress - Marshall's, Shoes - Steve Madden, Necklace - Rehoboth Beach, Bracelets, gift, Eden,  St. Thomas

The third outfit was for a morning wedding, which are traditionally less formal than evening weddings.  However, this wedding was slated to have a spectacular, yet formal 2pm reception.  Did I mention that it was also 100 degrees and humid outside?  I desperately wanted to wear something less formal like linen or equally lightweight to beat the heat but the venue seemed to require some extra pizazz.  So, I decided on this knee-length navy blue polka dot dress with an open V in the back.  I tried to jazz it up with a magnolia fascinator I wore to my own wedding, nude pumps and berry pink lips.   Sorry for the lack of decent photos here, we were too busy rockin out!

Jamie, I and two of our fantastic friends

Are there situations you find it difficult to dress for?  I was shocked to find three instances in the course of one week that required some real dressing room thought.  Perhaps awkward fashion events are more common than I thought.  


Anonymous said...

Ooo! I love that first interview outfit. Is the blazer orange or red? It looks fantastic with the dress.

Carly said...

I have to agree..that morning weddings are TOUGH to dress for...I have been to a few...some have been AS formal as an evening affair...but it just doesn't feel right to get uber formal when the sun is shining, no? I love what you wore...actually in ALL the photos...
The shoes in the first two photos are most definitely stealing the SHOW...omg...those blk ones w the bow on the ankle...I die! and the amazing green color...I die again.
Thanks for sharing.
be back soon:)

ChiccaStyle said...

Totally agree!!!Love what you wore in all photos!!!I must admit the shoes of the first look catched my eyes: ADORABLE!!!

Sarah said...

I agree with ChiccaStyle. You have amazing shoes!!!

From Suns To Moons said...

Love the first interview outfit and those ridiculously green shoes!

Elysse Bonner said...

I loveeee the green shoes! I am a sucker for bright green anything.

Kristin said...

Where would we be without wrap dresses? J'dore DVF and your darling sandals!

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