This Week's Love

We made it through another week, hip, hip, hooray!  This week has felt particularly long, for you too?  Then again its my first 5 day work-week in ages, what can I say, it's been a tough summer :)   Anyway,  here's a round-up of some of beautiful dabbling of the week:

Are you watching Project Runway?  Who are your early favorites?  Over on Susan's blog, she's sketching looks based on the week's challenge using an HP TouchSmart just like Runway contestants!  Her first outfit is here, I'd totally wear it!

True Blood make-up?  Wow! Loving the packaging, vibrant eyeshadow colors, and the beautiful cheek stain.

Its Heirloom season! If you have these colorful, sun-kissed beauties in your kitchen try this recipe! Or this one.  Both were fantastic, fast meals this week.

I envy this gal's amazing style each and everyday.  These bright cozy colors and those leopard loafers get me excited for fall.

Next time I visit family in PA, I'm definitely taking a trip to Terrain, check out their beautiful wares for home, garden and you! 

Speaking about fall, I'm thinking about getting a pair of these in Multi for an early birthday present to myself, any Frye fans out there?  Not that I need any more shoes, here's yet another new pair....

Tshirt - Ann Taylor Loft, Flower /Key Necklace - H&M, Skirt -Gap,Shoes - Me Too 

What are you up to this weekend? I'm heading to Indiana with my mom to visit my grandma who's been under the weather, three generations together! Hoping to see family, new and old and get a screening of Harry Potter version 2.0 in there too! Have a great one, whatever you get into! 


Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

I love True Blood makeup! I have some of their shadows. You look adorable and your skirt is beautiful. Hope your Grandma feels better soon. Im actually off to see my Grandparents this weekend as well!

Anonymous said...

I would totally wear the True Blood makeup. Enjoy Harry Potter! The movie was great, but it made me cry. :(

Suzzie V said...

I love your red flats!!!!! I don't think I could put enough exclamation points there. Where did you get them?

Little Petite said...

Very cute outfit I love your skirt=)


Closet Full of Happiness said...

I love frye too, but I have weird ankles and I can't do pull on boots. I guess my ankles are too wide in the heels. But those boots are really cute! Can you EVER have enough shoes?! haha
Love the red flats - very Audrey Hepburn! :)

Kristin said...

We're huge PR fans over at BBRG! I'm really loving Anya, Anthony and Olivier so far! In fact, we're featuring an interview with the departed designer each week over at our blog!

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