Ladies of the Night: Emmy's Best and Worst Dressed

For an award show, I found last night's Emmy Awards fairly entertaining.  I watch little prime time, major network TV so I have very little interest in anything more than the dresses and celebrities making fun of one another.  That said, here are my most and least favorite frocks from the biggest trends of the night.

Ladies in Red
Many women matched the famous red carpet wearing bright, cheery hues in all shapes and fabrics.  For me, Kate Winslet did it best.  She looked entirely effortless, wearing simple diamond jewelry, natural makeup and easy, breezy hair.

Runner up: Lea Michele, she certainly brought the drama but the shoes were not right for me.

Worst dressed: Kerry Washington.  The bodice to the hip was gorgeous and then it went downhill quickly. The fringe and the heavy hemline? Zoinks, Scoobs.

Shiny, sparkly, embellished gowns

This was a toughie, so many beautiful options on so many beautiful ladies.  After weighing the options, I'm going with Elisabeth Moss in Marchesa.  Yes, it is reminiscent of Sandra Bullock's Oscar gown, but the sleeves, neckline and skirt were so lovely and it fit her to a T.
Runner Up:  Jayma Mays is that sweet, super feminine pink confection.  I love when redheads wear baby pink, and this dress matches her (on-air) personality so well.  I also thought Christina Hendricks looked beautiful, but its a shape she's worn many, many times before.
Worst dressed: Julianna Margalis.  On mercy me, was this bad.  It was so ill fitting on top, the stripe of fabric down the side, and tight at the bottom, icky icky.  And then there were the hot glue attached  giant contact lenses all over the bodice, disaster.  And a hair helmet taboot!
Harper's Bazaar
Bold Blues

Winner: Colbie Smulders in that aqua, Grecian gown.  It clung and flowed in all the right places!  That arm drape was a nice touch, as were the earrings and ring choices. She definitely put herself on the style map with this choice.
Runner Up: Amy Poelher.  I thought this dress was very cool, and unlike anything else on the red carpet. I liked the defined waistline sans belt (take not Katie Holmes), dropped earrings and bumped up hair.  Plus, I loved when she got on stage during her category, hilarious.
Worst dressed:  Toss up, Katie Holmes wore a lovely color, but the dress was ill-fitting, and her Joey Potter throwback hair and make-up was sloppy.  Dianna Agron's dress aged her at least 10 years with the fabric choice, boxy top and up do.  She looks ready for Real Housewives of Gleeville.

StyleFrizz.com loved these two, we'll agree to disagree
Bright, fitted dresses
Winner: Sofia Vergara was breathtaking in coral.  Understandably, its not hard for her with a face, body and head of hair like that.  The dress looked like it was made especially for her body, and the coral was perfect with her features and skin tone.  I also adored those giant Colombian emerald earrings and cuff, striking!
Runner Up: Martha Plimpton.  I loved her fitted, sequined cranberry dress.  I am also a sucker for a cap sleeve.  I would have liked a little more pop from her jewelry, but minor, minor detail.  Loved her fresh face and tousled hair.

Worst Dressed:  This may be controversial as some sites have her on the best dressed list, but I hated Julianne Hough's dress.  I thought the color combination was so odd and the fit was not good through the hips.  We all know she's got a slamming body, yet that dress did her no favors.  Her hair and make-up? Girlfriend needs a oil blot sheet and some soft tendrils around her face.
There were many more great dresses and some really horrific ones too (Paz de la Huerta and Olivia Munn I am so looking at you). What were your best and worst picks? 


royela said...

i'm with you! juliana looks HIPPY in this dress and we all know she has an amazing body so it's gotta be this awful dress. paz de la huerta is not even worth mentioning since she's literally a crazy person and it's not fair to make fun of the mentally ill.

i'd also like to take a moment to mention that two of the modern family ladies chose cleavage-baring dresses and unfortunately, the 13 year old's cleavage might have won... or did she lose since cleavage-baring dresses on 13 year olds are gross?

audrey marie said...

sofia vergera really did look beautiful in that color! one of my favs

Anonymous said...

I didn't watch the Emmys! The shows I watch are never nominated. I like your dress recap though. Must find a red dress to wear this fall.

Dawn said...

Great job on this post. I didn't get to watch. So much inspiration. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

Koltunovskaya said...

I liked Nina Dobrev`s look most of all, but she is not on your list)) Kate Winslet looks gorgeous in this red gown!

All Things Yummy said...

I missed the Emmy's last night, but I love Colbie Smulders dress.

Josie said...

I thought Nina Dobrev looked great in red, and I haven't seen Amy Poehler's dress yet -- she looks amazing!
xo Josie

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