Something Old, Something New: Tshirt Update

By now you know I'm always on the hunt for unique pieces to add to my wardrobe.  When I saw this picture on Emily's blog several Fridays ago I thought it was a fresh take on the elbow patches showing up all over blazers and cardigans this fall.  While I do not own a bedazzler or even want one, I was intrigued at the DIY-ability of this item.  I'm not ready to take on this degree of difficulty after a craftless summer, but I wanted to experiment with some bedazzled clothing.  I was inspired by the pocket of a boring $4 Old Navy tee I picked up a few weeks ago.  For this project you will need the following:

photo via Cupcakes and Cashmere

- Pocketed tshirt 
- Package of beads, I used a multi-color glass bead pack
- Needle and Thread*
- Fabric Glue** 

1) Design a pattern for your pocket.  I cut 16 8"pieces of thread for my pattern's needs.  *Use thread that closely matches your shirt color.  This brain surgeon used black thread on a coffee colored T, womp, womp.

2) Knot the end of one thread 2-3 times or until secure.  You want your knot to be big enough that your beads do not slide right off the thread when threaded.  String 4 beads on each thread and then knot the other side 2-3 times or until secure.  Repeat on all 16 threads.

3)  Cut the ends off your threads and arrange to your liking along the pocket.  Using fabric glue**, place the beads along the pocket and leave for several hours to dry.  You may want to place a piece of cardboard, wood or some other sturdy item in the pocket to elevate the pocket slit off the shirt's body.  You do not want the pocket to be glued to the shirt.  Once dry, cut any remaining strings down and you are good to go. 

This project is an easy and cheap way to individualize a plain, old t-shirt.  **Make sure to use fabric glue, I actually used my hot glue gun and created a real mess. This brain surgeon also did not know that hot glue and fabric DO NOT mix.  I ended up ripping all the beads off, and then ironing/acetoning the hot glue off the tshirt before starting over.  When I used fabric glue during round two I outlined the pocket's entire seam and used only gold across the hem.  Fabric glue yielded a much cleaner, studier result (see below, still need to trim threads and several straggler gold beads on the right in this picture.)


Happy crafting! 


Bravoe Runway said...

You did a great job with this DIY! I would love to try this and will use a basic tee, similarly to you, I don't now if I could commit a cashmere sweater...

Anonymous said...

This is a really sweet idea - looks fab! I have so many basic tees, which I love wearing because they're SO comfy. A little bit of sparkle makes them look amazing!

Hilary said...

So cool! That is beyond awesome that you can do that!!! And it looks great on you!

Mary Kapsi said...

Hey your blog is so sweet!
Check out mine maybe we can follow each other :)


Anonymous said...

I loved my BeDazzler in the 80s--everything was better with fake rhinestones.

This is such a great idea. I have a dozen plain old Ts, and this doesn't seem too complicated (I'm a "brain surgeon" too, heh heh).

audrey marie said...

such a cute idea!! i want to do something to elbow patches like emily's cardi!

Meagan said...

You did a great job with this! The bedazzled elbow patches are really inspirational and I love how you made it your own!

Mary Kapsi said...

Thank you so much following your blog too :)



how creative! it look great!!

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