Wednesday's Wardrobe: Special Edition

Last week I talked about my love for bargain shopping but my willingness to splurge when I considered a piece special enough to warrant a bigger price tag.  Oddly enough, I have wore some of the special items I covet from my closet this week.  My navy dress and DVF skirt were two of my first major purchases when I began working and they have served me well.

I apologize for the craptacular pictures, every time I went outside hunting natural light it started raining....so lets take a tour of my cave apartment hallway and kitchen.

This circle skirt is voluminous and moves beautifully, I only wish it was longer so I could wear it to work.  The linen texture and color gradation give it an almost ombre effect.  I wore this for a night out in D.C. over the weekend.

Top- Ann Taylor Loft, Skirt - ADAM, Shoes - Me Too, Purse - Mac & Nat, Necklace - Armitage, Chicago

The blue dress below has suffered an irreparable wound.  No, I haven't been hanging around any ex-presidents but have been overly ambitious on the laundry front.  As any of you who own silk know, washing machines + silk = sayanora beautiful silk texture.  This dress will never be the same but I cannot let it go because I love it too much.  The frilly collar, the racer back, the roominess.  I threw on a bunch of gold accessories, and these great new shoes and went about my day.

Dress - Barney's, Shirt - Ann Taylor Loft, Belt, Bracelets of left hand - Filene's Basement, Bracelet on Right hand - Gift, Earrings - Cape Cod , Shoes - Steve Madden

And this one is for my honey.  I asked him to take an outfit picture while we were eating dinner and he said, "In that?" I looked down to see I was still wearing my apron with an oven mitt in my lap.  So here I am, the picture of domestic bliss.  Or crazy exhausted, post work, gym-hair woman, you pick.

Last but certainly not any less special, my bright red DVF skirt.  I adore this skirt and its high waist, full skirt and deep pockets.  The waist is SUPER high so I always have trouble picking tops to pair with it, so this time I donned a button down, knotted the bottom and off to work I go went.

Button Down - Old Navy, Skirt - DVF, Shoes - Nine West, Necklaces - Target (beaded), Gift (pearl)

From left to right: Gift, Bridesmaid Gift, Craft Fair 
So there are a few of my past splurge-worthy specials.  Personally, I splurge on versatile year-round pieces like these skirts/dresses, handbags and shoes that can be worn over and over again through the year.  I'm curious, what is special or splurge-worthy in your closet?


Meagan said...

That skirt is so pretty! It looks great on you! maybe you could add tights to make it more work appropriate?

Anonymous said...

Oo la la! That first outfit is very chic. I love seeing outfits with bright shoes, especially red.

I don't buy silk (vegan girl) but I've wrecked plenty of other fabrics in my day. I've yellowed several "do not bleach" items by thinking, "hey, this bleach won't hurt." I also forget to close up all the zippers and buttons so my clothes get snaggled going through the wash. Oh well.

And that apron is WAY too pretty to spill food on! :)

The Closet Shopper said...

I love all those pieces. I agree that sometimes you just have to splurge on special pieces.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today and leaving a comment. You made me smile from ear to ear.

Nice to "meet" you.


skippysays said...

Thanks for saying hi on my blog! So glad you did because it led me to find your lovely one :) I love all 3 of your splurge pieces- if you get tons of use out of them I think it's more than worth it :) I tend to splurge on shoes if anything, but generally more out of necessity since I wear a size 4.5 or 5 and finding shoes in my size is a rare treat!

Canadianpetite said...

Thanks for stopping by at my blog. It's always nice to discover other bloggers.

I love the DVF skirt and the circle skirt. Being a shoe addict, I zeroed in quickly on your Nine West nude shoes.

Sandra said...

The third one is my fave, I really like those shoes!


royela said...

is the ATL top in the first outfit a short sleeve sweatery type situation? if so, i have the same in both brown & black & i love them to pieces for fall & spring.

also love the skirt and subsequently EVERY outfit in this roundup. L.O.L.O. VEE EE!

SassyUptownChic said...

Cara, you are too cute girl! I'm laughing at your husband's response...in that? hahaha That apron is adorable! I love cool aprons!!! Cara, i love your circle skirts. I find them to be awesome. In the winter, you can even pair them with tights or fun hosiery and wear them year round. Your red patent flats are awesome. I'm a ballet flat girl and adore them. Have a great day! :D
SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim

Samantha said...

I really love that ombre skirt! It's beautiful! I think that you could wear it for work with tights (so you wouldn't be showing so much skin) and heels/ tall boots.

xo, sam

Van @ The Clothes We Wear said...

I love everything about your outfit number 1. The skirt is AMAZING. Neutrals really allow colors to pop and those shoes are darling.

Love at First Shoe said...

I love the first and last skirt so much!!! Those red shoes are just too cute!

Thank you for stopping by my blog!

Shara said...

fantastic ballerinas:)La Folie 

Claire said...

love all these outfits! the red shoes and that cute skirt, the metallic flats and that pretty red/pink skirt. great looks!


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