Link Love: Spooktacular Edition

I don't know about you but Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday.  Its funny how much I love it given how much I dislike all things scary, spooky, startling and dark.  What I do love about Halloween is the option to dress up like someone or something else for one day. Oh, and the candy, I really like the candy.

image via Real Simple.com
In honor of my favorite holiday and my husband's 30th birthday, we are throwing a Birthoween party on Saturday night.  Since he, I and MTV turned thirty this year we decided to theme our party around all things MTV.  All costumes, food, music and drinks are to be inspired by MTV.  We've got our food, drinks and costumes planned already. We can't wait to see what everyone else comes up with!

image via www.pest-cemetery.com  (no I'm not kidding)
If you are looking for last minute holiday inspiration yourself, here are a few great links from around the web!

These inexpensive, yet beautiful DIY webs beat that tired, old bag of cottony cobwebs.

Fashion Pumpkins, the Missoni and Balmain are my favorite!

Spooky salt and pepper shakers (that can be reused for a Flintstones themed BBQ.)

Cute drink labels for a kids-only or adults-only party!

Dress up as the Hamburgler and other costume ideas from your own closet.

How beautiful is this wall of bats?

image via www.folsomfriends.com
So do you love or hate Halloween?  Are you celebrating early with weekend tricking or treating?  Whatever you get into, have a spooktacular weekend!


SassyUptownChic said...

HAHA Cara! Happy BIRTHOWEEN! LOVE IT GIRL!!! That party is going to be so much FUN. You guys have a blast. I love Halloween too! I think everyone knows that now. HAHAHA I'm watching scary movies this weekend and passing out candy. Have an awesome weekend. ((HUG))

Meagan said...

That sounds like such a fun party idea! I love Halloween too! Hope you'll post pictures of the party!

Erin Lian said...

I love your post :) Halloween is a pretty fantabulous holiday - I look forward to pictures!! The photo of bats is AMAZING.

Danielle Barbe said...

i LOVE halloween. although, i'm totally last-minute this year when it comes to a costume. hopefully i'll pull something off!

Dirt On The Rocks said...

What an awesome idea for a party! There's nothing like celebrating a birthday and Halloween together. I hope you all have a fantastic time :D


Tinfoil Tiaras said...

I'm a bit Halloween fan as well- I love dressing up (and I love discounted candy a few days after!) Happy Birthday to your hubby- the party sounds like a blast!

The Dolls Factory said...

happy Bithoween darling
great post

Always following
The Dolls Factory

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing these fun links. I want a wall of bats! Have a great Birthoween party. Take lots of pictures.

Bonnie said...

Loooooooovelovelovelove Halloween. I'm super excited!! I'm going to check out the linky links now.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Bravoe Runway said...

I love halloween! This is the first year where I won't be dressing up, I am taking a break. Happy Birthday to your husband, I had no idea we're all the same age. I thought you were mid 20s...

nik said...

Hi, your blog is inspiring! You are a very interesting person. I will follow you!


Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

Thanks for sharing the Halloween fashion pumpkins! There's some seriously fun ideas in there. Maybe next year...


Romwe Online said...

Halloween ideas food, and surprise,great love,as well as Halloween movies,very fabulous. Bravo!!!
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creativefashionglee said...

Love, love, all these Halloween photos. Seem like a really great party idea. :)

Alexa said...

Love those salt and pepper shakers. Happy Halloween to you! xo

Van @ The Clothes We Wear said...

Can't wait to see your costumes and hear about the Birthoween party! Love, love, love. It is a fave of mine, only second to Thanksgiving. I'm taking Little C trick o' treatin' Monday night with friends.

Pop Champagne said...

nice halloween links! hope you have a great halloween tonight!

Samantha said...

HAPPY BIRTHOWEEN!!! That sounds SO FUN! Can't wait till you post pics!

(And if I lived closer, I would so crash the party so I could join in on the MTV fun!!)

Happy Halloween!!

xo, sam


Okay I've never been the hugest fan of Halloween, but suddenly I am majorly in love with the phrase "spooktacular." I blame you for that one, Cara. Happy Birthday to your husband!!

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