This Week's Love: Birthday week

So tomorrow I leave my twenties behind and enter my thirties.  Overall, I'm pretty excited.  It will be my first decade where all the choices I make are entirely mine but I'd be lying if I said I didn't have a few moments of panic over the past week.  That house with a big yard in the burbs, a dog and 2.2 children are still alluding me, but in exchange for those things I've had an amazing time travelling, running races and living it up.  I've been celebrating in small ways all week and will continue to over the next two weeks since Jamie turns 30 just two weeks after me.  Here are a few great bits from the week/web that have gotten me in a celebratory mood.

Homemade Twix Bars
If you love homemade candy, or have never tried it, I highly recommend you make this homemade Twix bar this weekend immediately.  While mildly time consuming (rice grinding is required) it yields a phenomenal end product that will make the vending machine version pale in comparison.  Homemade caramel is where its at, yo.

New Birthday headgear 
I shrieked when I opened this birthday present from my friend Kelly.  I love great, interesting headbands and fascinators and these three represent my style really well. Sometimes I feel like a prep, sometimes I feel like a glam fairy, and sometimes I love a little of both.  I will be wearing that black one this weekend with my new birthday dress.

Rosie Lee sparkles for my birthday 
I picked up this copper sparkle polish for my birthday nails with an ULTA coupon last weekend.  Between  the coupon and my rewards points this $12 nail polish left with me for $4.  Woot woot!

via www.reddressboutique.com
To me this red BB Dakota Audry dress is my ideal birthday dress. It makes me happy to look at. Unfortunately it is sold out EVERYWHERE in stores and online in my size.  I desperately tried to wiggle myself into the next size down but it was not meant to be.  In the right size I imagine it would have the most perfect fitted bodice, and full pleated skirt.  I so wish it could be mine!

via A Mom in Red High Heels
For my birthday, my inlaws scheduled a hair cut with celebrity stylist Jordan Blackmore when Jamie and I go to NYC next weekend to celebrate our birthdays.  I am beyond excited and going to let Mr. Blackmore work his magic but this curly look on Maggie Gyllenhaal really appealed to me this week.

With that, I'm off to Chicago tonight for a girls weekend with two of my most favorite ladies.  We'll be doing lots of gabbing, walking the lakefront, wining and dining.  Can't wait!  Have a great weekend darling readers!


Sick by Trend said...

yummyyyy! and love the red dress :) Fabulous! I'm following

Check my blog and follow me if you like :)

Have a nice weekend



SassyUptownChic said...

Awwww Cara! Have a Happy Birthday and great time in Chicago girl! You're gonna have a blast!!! I can't wait to see your new haircut when you go to NYC! It's gonna look great on you. Love that butter copper nail polish. It is so pretty and I love cute headbands. Wearing one tonight. ((HUG))

skippysays said...

Happy almost birthday!! that dress would look stunning on you, but I am sure you will find one that's equally fabulous! And I will absolutely be making those twix bars with that review :)

Wynne Prasetyo said...

happy birthday to youuuu! hugs from indonesia :) i think maggie gyllenhaal's curls would look great on you.


Anonymous said...

Happy (early) birthday! That homemade Twix bar looks dangerous!

Dressing up on your birthday is one of the best parts. I always look for a new dress too. That black headband is really pretty. I can't wait to see your new hairdo!

Have a fun weekend!

Cara said...

Thanks everyone, I appreciate the birthday wishes!

Dirt On The Rocks said...

I hope you have a fantastic birthday weekend! It's crazy how we both have the same birthday :)

Van @ The Clothes We Wear said...

YAY! Happy 30, Cara! It's a gonna be a great new decade. Have another wonderful weekend celebrating.

P.S. Twix are my all-time fave choco-cookie candy. EEK! Homemade sounds divine.

Serendipitychild said...

Have a great birthday, what a shame you couldn't get the red dress, it is so lovely.

Chilly Chick said...

thank you for following, follow you back :)

Sarah said...

Here's to another decade of adventures, right? (If you wanna send me those headbands... no? Okay.) Have a fantastic birthday and all that jazz. (:

The Suburb Experiment said...

A little belated, but I hope you had a fantastic birthday!! Those headbands are so cute - and I'm probably better off NOT knowing how to replicate twix bars at home haha. :)


SassyUptownChic said...

Hey Cara! I've given you a blog award girl. Check out my post when you have a chance. ((HUG))

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