Jane By Design: Holiday Sweater iPad sleeve

In recent years, one of the most amazing Christmas comebacks has been Tickle Me Elmo the Christmas sweater.  Ugly sweaters have been all over the holiday party circuit, TV sitcoms, and today in my Jane by Design challenge trunk.  For this challenge we were asked to transform a gaudy Christmas sweater into something new and hip for the Holiday 2012 runway.  Since iPads showed up twice in my family Christmas, I decided to make a festive iPad sleeve from my sweater.  The sleeve could easily substitute as a holiday clutch, Kindle/Nook cover or green alternative to wrapping paper.
Isn't she a beauty?
Cast of Characters: 
- Holiday Sweater
- Scissors
- Sewing Machine
- Hot Glue Gun

Cut pearls and gold beads off sweater
Presents add holiday fun!
1) Trim all of the trimmings (pearls/beads/presents) off the front of your sweater. Set trimmings aside.

2) Now turn your sweater inside out and cut the back out of the sweater.  The back will be used to build the iPad sleeve's body.

3) Wrap the iPad in the center of the back so the bottom hemline comes to the top of the iPad and the curved collar hits the bottom of the sleeve to see what you are working with for fabric.  You may need to fold several times to figure out where to position the iPad to get the best fit.  The middle of the sweater worked well for me.

Pin your  seam-to-be slightly away from the iPad so the sleeve isn't too snug to fit the iPad in.

4) Pin the sides of your sleeve approximately 1/2" from the iPad to give it some wiggle room.  Sew both sides from the fold to the hem.  Cut the rest of the sweater away from the newly created seam.

5) Pin the collar/flap of the sleeve and sew along the seam to create smooth lines.  Once finished, flip the sleeve/flap inside out, so the right sides are out.

6) Using a hot glue gun, trim your iPad sleeve/clutch as you see fit.  I added some flair along the top and bottom seams and a few presents in the middle to serve as a reminder of where this sleeve came from.

This was a quick project that turned an ugly sweater into a useful product that not only keeps your iPad safe from scratches but makes it holiday season appropriate.  I can see adapting this tutorial into an even chic-er version with a nice piece of leather, wool tartan or other seasonally appropriate fabric.

So I must ask, do you own any holiday sweaters, did you wear one this weekend? Do you have any great ideas for how to change up a holiday sweater?  Let me know, or shout it out over on the Jane By Design Facebook page


Anonymous said...

What a clever idea!

royela said...

cute! I really like the reuse of the beads and pearls! would you sew them on if you had more time or is the hot glue pretty sturdy?

All Things Yummy said...

I'm a sucker for the tacky holiday sweaters. I always stop myself from buying one but I secretly really want in on the old-fashioned grandma gaudiness. LOL

silvergirl said...

this is such a clever idea
i just love it

just tututiny said...

What lovely idea, Christmas vests are my fave ;)

Hope you had a great holiday!

Come check out my blog for a review of Sharp Hill Designs ;)

Kristin said...

How creative are you?!?

Tinfoil Tiaras said...

Cara this is genius! I love the transformation of ugly X-mas sweater to useful technology accessory! No ugly sweater wearing for me this Christmas! ;)

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