Wednesday's Wardrobe: She Got it From Her Momma

I have an amazing relationship with my mom and I feel so fortunate for that. When we're together, which isn't often, we love to spend a day shopping till we drop or get a beer, whichever happens first.  Together we do loads of retail damage, but my mom also has a crazy knack for picking out cool pieces for me even when I'm not around.  We have similar taste, but sometimes she buys me things outside my comfort zone. My mom is continually responsible for colors, patterns and cuts I've never tried before, and I love that!  Here are a few outfits built around pieces I got from my momma.

This fun beaded necklace was in my Christmas stocking two years ago.  I love the graduated V-shape and bright orange/black color combo.  Coincidentally, I found this orange safari top over the summer and realized it was a perfect match to this necklace.  I paired it with holey jeans, boots and long earrings for a casual Friday look. 

Earrings - Forever 21, Necklace - Gift from Mom, Top - Marshall's, Jeans - Ann Taylor Loft, Boots - Target 

Green and I generally don't mix; I blame the yellow undertone to my skin.  Thus, green has never been my favorite color to wear.  My mom sent me this tunic which I was unsure of forever.  I like the fit and beading so I played up its flea market saleswoman flair with big copper colored bangles and earrings.  I also got my love of Frye from my mom's stories of her amazing red Frye boots from back in the day.  If only they were still around for me to steal borrow!
Tunic - Gift from Mom, Khakis - Ann Taylor, Shoes -  Frye, Bangles - Filene's Basement, Earrings - Forever 21

We had a holiday potluck in the office today so I wanted to be festive but not overly so (the ugly sweater party is NEXT week.)  My mom, seamstress extraordinaire, made me this beautiful sequined skirt a few years ago.  The rich cranberry color, thick fabric and subtle sequins are perfect for party-hopping.  I kept the rest of the outfit simple to let the skirt and necklace from mom really shine.
Sweater - Ann Taylor Loft, Skirt- Mom made it, Tights - Target, Shoes - Payless, Necklace - Gift from Mom

Green sparkle nails  for the holiday party
I bought these shoes when I was a Congressional intern many moons ago but they just keep on kickin!
Do you and your Mom shop together? If not, what are some fun ways you share your time?  So excited to see my mom and the rest of my family next week! 


Dale said...

That's so nice you and your mom are so close, I definitely shop with my mom all the time and tell her what to buy and what not to wear, hehe. I love your pics and the green is a nice color on you, those little boots from the first outfit are adorable. I have a pair like that and wear them all the time. Have a great time seeing your mom and fam for the holidays.


Courtney Weigand said...

I like those boots in the first outfit! I like shopping with my mom, but she doesn't do the best job at picking things out for me when we are apart. She likes to get me and my sisters the same thing she gets herself (in different colors), which includes lots of clogs and ll bean clothes (which I do sometimes like).

Outside Looking In said...

I like the boots in the first pic too! I have found several pairs of cool boots/shoes at Target this year. Nice stories about you and your mom shopping together and the things from her. They are really nice pieces! I don't shop with my mom often. We have totally different taste. Totally different.


Style Journey said...

Sometimes momma knows best! She did a great job picking all the different pieces for you. LOVE the necklace especially.

My mom and I live far away from each other, but she is coming into town this weekend and I am so excited! Although, I won't shop with my mother or anyone else. I am a lone ranger when it comes to shopping :) Heather

Beth Kondrick said...

I shop with my mom all the time - she knows my style best and is one of the few people I trust to give me an honest opinion! I'm blessed to live close to her so we get to do it fairly often too.

Side note - I swear I have those same shoes you have on in the last picture, mine are just as old and still are hanging on too, I bet I also got them at Payless!


SassyUptownChic said...

Cara, momma knows best girl! I love that necklace on you. It looks great with that orange top. It would look great with black too. Even paired with a LBD! That green looks amazing on you! What are you talking about! COLOR looks fab on you. And I am adoring that necklace. Your mom has great taste. My mom and I do a lot together, but I'm usually dressing her instead of me. LOL

Annie said...

Love that orange necklace...so cool!

The Other Side of Gray

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