Golden Globes: Best and Worst Dressed

It's the most wonderful time of the year, awards season! I jest but every winter as we freeze in our bulky sweaters and parkas, all the pretty people of Hollywood don their most beautiful attire for our viewing pleasure.  Since I was a little girl I have always loved watching the red carpet and oohing and ahhing as a line of dresses pass by the screen.  Last night was no different.  There was a real absence of color last night, as nudes/blush tones seemed to be big again this season, black dresses too. Here are my picks of the best and worst dresses of the night. All pictures are from Yahoo.com.

Best Color: Paula Patton.  Ryan Secrest called this dress "Big Bird yellow," I call it beautiful. Love her hair and earring choice too!

Runner Up: Reese Witherspoon - I loved the color on Reese; the pleats, sweetheart neckline and her tousled hair were perfect but I wish the bodice fit better.
Best Blush:  Kate Beckinsdale.  Seth Rogan stated the obvious during his award presentation with her. She was breathtaking.

Runner Up:  Angelina Jolie.  The pop of red on this dress absolutely made it, but the pristine white and the impeccable fit were just lovely. The red lip, seen on so many last night was also perfect with this dress!

Best Pale Purple: Jessica Alba.  She was more beautiful than I've seen her look in awhile. Just effortless and sun kissed. To think she had a baby 6 months ago!

Runner Up: Octavia Spencer.  I loved the draping on this dress, it hugged her curves in all the right places.  Her jewerly and shoe choices were great too!

Best Dark Dress: Sofia Vergara.  The mermaid shape is a bit predictable for her, but the bottom of this dress moved beautifully and I really liked the dark blue hue on her.

Runner Up: Claire Danes.  The back of this dress was incredible but I thought the shoulder and waist details were a lot of fun too.  I wish she had figured out a suitable undergarment to give her some support but that's just my opinion.  The red lip was a fantastic choice again!

The Worst: There were only a few missteps last night and none of them were overly egregious, which is pretty surprising in an awards show environment.

I disliked Lea Michele's Cher-esque  number, it just felt over the top and overworked.  The palm on the thigh pose was also weird all night.

Zooey Deschanel's style is quirky, no question. I know Prada used black and green pearls to embellish this dress, but it looked like AstroTurf to me.  Her dress was not my favorite but her hair and makeup were fun.

Jessica Biel. I don't know how someone with such a slamming body always has trouble with award show dresses, but this was not flattering on her (or anyone I'd imagine.) I wish she'd figure out something to do with her hair.  It also looks so flat/messy/blah.

The worst of the night was unfortunately Julianna Margueles in purple.  Again, this was an ill-fitting dress and I'm not sure it was even the best color for her.  We've definitely seen her look better at past shows.

So did you watch the show?  What did you think? Who were your best and worst dressed? Did you think anyone was a show stopper in a good or bad way? 


Ann, RN said...

Seriously! Jessica Beil has a bangin bod, why won't she wear clothes that show it off even just a little.

I also agree with you on Zoey. She is so cute and quirky, but I think the color was a miss.

royela said...

Agree with all your picks. I'd also like to mention Sarah Michelle Geller and the tie-dyed number? What was that? Also, really wasn't feeling Michelle Williams' crushed velvet burnout dress...

And I wanted to like Charlize Theron's short dress with train situation but it felt like... a situation.

Lastly, I didn't actually watch the Golden Globes (just saw the Red Carpet roundup online afterward :D) but didn't it seem like poor Madonna's boobs were suffocating?

Vanessa said...

I thought Octavia Spencer looked lovely in her gown. Such a pretty, flowy dress in a lovely shade. And I liked how Zooey's dress almost looked like an abstract black-and-green plaid at the top.

Viktoria said...

Yes what was Julianna Margueles wearing?! It was awful!!! The one thing I did notice and admired was it seemed like none of the dresses were too revealing.

Sage said...

Thank you!!! Jessica Biel, fire your stylist! You are too pretty to look like a frumpy old lady with bed head. Can you imagine what her wedding dress will look like if this continues?

Julianna Margueles's dress was so confusing...and green earrings?

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

Excellent choices Cara! I loved Charlize Theron. I think she looks stunning in everything she wears. She just commands attention. HaHaHa Ryan Seacrest suffers from short man's syndrome. LOL He probably hated big bird as a child and had a flash back. :D


Sarah Stright said...

I agree with all of your choices here.. although I did think Jessica Biel looked pretty. Probably not the best choice for her, but definitely a pretty dress.

All Things Yummy said...

Not sure about Claire Danes, definitely not my favorite. And poor Lea Michelle, so not a good look for her.

silvergirl said...

paula patton was also the most excited person to be at those awards!! she was just too cute
i agree about Jessica Beal. What the what
you didn't mention Jane Fonda who i thought was smokin' in that black dress...74 years old, WOW

Jamie Rose said...

I really liked Claire Danes' dress. I thought it was unique and had neat detailing. I liked Zooey's too, though. I liked that the dress was unique and the back was really cool. Plus her hair and makeup was adorable.

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