Jane By Design: Challenge 6: Pretzelace

I hope everyone had a festive New Year's, we kept it low key and celebrated both days with friends, food and lots of football.  When I wasn't celebrating I made time for several small craft projects including the latest request from the Jane By Design crew.  Using Snyder's pretzels as a point of inspiration, we were asked to make a fashionable piece for the new year.  I immediately thought of Dolce & Gabbana's pasta jewelry from their Spring 2012 collection and decided to make a ladder necklace from the pretzel sticks.

Cast of Characters: 
-Pretzel sticks
- Acrylic paint
- Paint Brush
- Ribbon
- Hot Glue Gun

1) I wanted the pretzel rods to be as smooth as possible, so I rubbed the salt off all of the pretzel sticks I planned to use.  Then I laid out a design for my necklace on a clean surface.

2)  Using a foam paint brush I painted a coat of copper paint on each pretzel stick and left them to dry for 30-45 minutes (or dry to the touch.) The metallic copper paint I used only required one coat but repeat if necessary.

3) Cut a piece of ribbon to your liking, my piece was approximately 18" long.  Create an upside down U with the cut ends closest to you.

4) Starting halfway down the ribbons, begin gluing the painted pretzel sticks along the ribbons, and then add the "ladder" pieces in between the two previously glued pretzel sticks.

5) Bring the ends together in a "V" and glue ends together.  Repeat step 4 until the necklace is completed.  Flip over and cut the ends of your ribbon off.

6) I went back and cut pieces of pretzel to fill in the white space along my necklace to give it a more polished look.

This necklace came together quickly, but I really love the final product with its coppery color and nod to the geometric trend.  This piece would easily dress up a t-shirt and jeans or add a bold statement to a black party dress.

Have you ever been fashionably inspired by a food, or other typically unfashionable item? Share your project ideas over on the Jane By Design Facebook page, and tell them I sent you!  Or if you love my necklace, shout it out over there too!


Beth Kondrick said...

This is so awesome!!! I'd be tempted to eat it though, like those cereal or candy necklaces we made as kids back in the day! LOL

Laura Go said...

whoa-- that is totally unique! I have never tried accessorizing wth my food before, but the paint really makes a gorgeous sheen on the pretzels!

♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights

silvergirl said...

ha, i love this
the color is great
wonder how long it will actually hold up
wouldn't want to get caught in the rain wearing it. lol
very creative and fun

Sage said...

I remember making macaroni necklaces in kindergarten. Then I moved on to candy necklaces and ring pops. Your necklace is pretty but, sadly, inedible. :(

Seriously, I'm amazed at how you notice potential where others see none. The idea to make a geometric design out of plain old pretzels is pretty inventive. Good job!

Court said...

Very nice! but I don't know if I could wear pretzels around town. I was trying to find a last minute statement necklace for NYE, I should of looked to my kitchen.

Anonymous said...

thanks for visiting my blog...i love making new internet friends. :)
happy new year to you, too!
i wish you the best in 2012.

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