Cupid's Cupcakes : A Valentine Treat

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day? As commercial and fake a day it is, I love holidays simply because they give me a reason to create themed decorations/treats/crafts. After last week's cake pop mess I had a leftover cake mix, frosting and lollipop sticks to use up.  I saw this adorable project over on Bakerella and decided to make something sweet for my equally sweet coworkers. 

For this project you will need the following: 

- Cupcakes, baked
- Frosting
- Cupid's Dust aka Sprinkles
- Lollipop Sticks (I used 6" sticks)
- Construction Paper/Cardstock
- Scissors
- Scrapbook Glue (or any non-toxic clear glue)
- Kebab skewer/chopstick/fondue stick

1) Bake your favorite cupcakes and cool completely.  Frost your cupcakes with your favorite frosting.  Add Cupid's dust (sprinkles) to your cupcakes.  I used red sprinkles and a white/pink mix on mine.

2) Now its time to make your arrows. Start by folding a piece of paper in half and cut out a number of hearts. 

3) Apply some glue to one heart and stick one end of the lollipop stick to the heart.  The heart's tip should be facing in towards the cupcake. Set aside.   

4) Using your kebab skewer poke a hole through the cupcake.  Make sure to hold the cupcake liner tight to the cupcake when you break through the other side.  

5) Remove the skewer and put the lollipop arrow in its place.  Glue another heart (tip of the heart facing away from the cupcake) to the lollipop stick and enjoy with your Valentine! 

If Cupid hasn't been treating you well lately, have no fear, I made a cupcake for you too! Break a lollipop stick in half and glue two hearts to the broken ends.  Stick the undecorated ends in the cupcake, and you have yourself a broken arrow cupcake.

These cupcakes are so sweet for both the eyes and taste buds.  They could be really cute for a kid's party or school celebration or for a after lunch treat with your coworkers. So will you be my valentine? 



Laura Go said...

Cara, this is just the sweetest thing EVAR! I'm smitten :)
♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights

Maria said...

Wowwww...beyond the great look, it seems to be sooo delicious! Your coworkers are very lucky to have you ;)

Thank you so much for your nice comment, and for follow. I'm following you back now :)


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Van @ The Clothes We Wear said...

The heart arrows are adorable!!

Stesha said...

you are so creative!! I just love!!! I want to eat one of those :)

Rocker Chic said...

These cupcakes look great I love the Cupid arrows very creative might I add. I love it.

All Things Yummy said...

Awww...those are so cute. I love Valentine's Day.

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

Cara, that is truly neat!!! What a sweet treat to look at AND eat. I love it :D Girl, they have commercialized everything.

Samantha said...

Those are so fun and cute!! Thanks for the idea Cara!! :)

xo, sam

Sage said...

These are the cutest cupcakes ever! I don't celebrate Valentine's Day, but I'd gladly eat all these cupcakes. You have such clever ideas.

Rhiannon said...

Oh my goodness such a cute idea :)

jas said...

love the cupcakes!


dana @ wonder forest said...

these are so cute! i would have never thought of the arrow idea!
xo dana

Imogen said...

Gorgeous. They look so sweet and I bet they taste incredible too.

M.E said...

They look delicious!


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