Fashionable Friend Friday: Swap Meet

See? This is what happens when I leave my camera at work for days on end.  We have a lot of lost time to make up for here on Fashionably Friend Friday.   We've covered necklaces and scarves so why don't we feature some clothes.  Back when we first started this challenge, each of us brought in a piece of clothing that we wear only one way or we find tough to wear.  Here's a sampling of how we casually and simply remixed each others pieces.

Corey sported Sini's gold tank top with a black skirt and cute bow shoes.  I love that she paired it with the teal cardigan and a cupcake, of course!  A few weeks later she repeated these basics with another pop of blue and Marisol's polka dot grey cardigan.

Andrea worn Sini's deep pocketed purple skirt.  Since it's a bit short on Andrea's long, long legs she paired with leggings, turtleneck, kick ass motorcycle boots and colorful scarf.  She also paired Corey's grey vest and purple belt together with black and white basics.  I have a similar vest that I find so hard to wear, but keeping it simple seems to be the way to go.

I wore Marisol's long cardigan over a dress to work back when it was cold.  Normally I would wear this on weekends with jeans and t-shirt but I liked how it made a work look more comfortable and cozy on a chilly day.

Next week we'll sport headgear to the best of our ability! Have a great weekend, I'm looking forward to a short run (yay taper weeks!), a girl's night out and crafting with my bestie on Sunday.  Enjoy your Saturday and Sunday! 


Anonymous said...

Your coworkers are so fashionable. I really like Andrea's colorful scarf. I have about a million scarves.

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