New Year's Resolutions: Where Do I Stand?

Anyone else have a hard time turning the calendar to May today? I can't believe the first third of the year is already in the books.  I was looking for an old craft post last night when I decided to re-visit my New Year's Resolutions post.  If you missed it, here it is and here's where we stand with, "2012: Use It, Don't Lose It."

Resolution 1: Use your cookbooks and drawer full of spices.  Don't Lose/Waste Food.
                                                                          Source: yvestown.com via Marcela on Pinterest

Grade: B.  I'm using my food magazines/cookbooks for weekend meal planning rather than deferring to the Internet as I leave work every night.  We've tried a lot of new recipes and are wasting far less food.  I'd love to say we never order pizza or eat breakfast for dinner like we did tonight but we're doing better.

Resolution 2: Use my desk full of crafting supplies. Don't buy anything for a project you won't immediately do. 

Grade: B+.  I have bought craft supplies since January 1st, but I have used them immediately. I needed a few things to make our headboard, and to assemble this necklace but nothing more! I need to spend some QT with my sewing machine and work through my crate of fabric. I'm hoping to start on that this weekend.

Resolution 3: Use my closet more effectively. Don't spend money on trivial/trendy pieces. 
                                                                             Source: hiphipgingin.com via Erin on Pinterest

Grade: F.  I've purged my closet twice since January 1st and have given away 9 pairs of shoes since I began celebrating the shoe on April 1st.  I've reorganized my closet and made it more manageable (boots no longer fall on my head when I open the door) but I haven't quit shopping.  I love to shop and I'm not sure I'm quite ready to give it up.  I AM trying to ruminate longer over purchases, that's a start, right?

Resolution 4:  Use my Yoga/Pilates DVDs and work on core/upper body strength.

Grade: C.  I go to a 15-minute core class 2-3 times a week but have yet to seriously commit to yoga, pilates or any real strength training.  Sometimes I attend a sports conditioning class or boot camp with SOME upper body work but nowhere near enough.  Now that the marathon is behind me, I am excited to focus on this resolution.

Resolution 5: Use my make-up and wash my face every night.  Don't buy any new make-up in 2012.
                                                                     Source: Uploaded by user via Demetra on Pinterest

Grade: B-.  I am pretty committed to washing my face every night, or more specifically using these to clean my face.  I would love a good night cream recommendation since I'm about out of my current one. I'm wearing tinted moisturizer, blush and some eye make-up to work everyday but have yet to tackle a full face or lipstick for the office.  I threw out a ton of old make-up last weekend but replaced three eye shadows and an eyeliner.

How are you doing on your resolutions?  Have you stuck to all/any of them?  I'm curious to know how you're doing, and what (if any) night moisturizer you use on your face!


Nnenna said...

Ooo, these are all really great resolutions! As usual, I sort of dabbled around with mine, but not really stuck to them. I would give myself a C all around! haha :)

Anonymous said...

Umm...I think I need to revisit my resolutions. Maybe think of some new summer resolutions? I've been so busy that my brain has turned to mush, and I'm lucky if I brush my hair in the morning.

navy and orange said...

gorg photos!

xoxo navy & orange

silvergirl said...

laughing at your grade F
that is the hardest resolution isn't it
i went 100 days w/o shopping and i think that is all i could ever do

All Things Yummy said...

I couldn't imagine not washing my face before I go to bed. I don't know how my friends do it. I wouldn't be able to sleep.

Vittoria @ The Beautiful Things said...

are we the same person? i do waste less food but i can't quit shopping or commit to makeup removal. sigh!

xoxo from nyc & http://www.the-beautiful-things.com

Laura Go said...

uhmmmmm resolutions? Oh yeah, I wrote up one of those and crap. Well, I'm doing better on all of them except the gym part. That kinda fell through after I had more hours piled on me for work. PISH.

♥ laura
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