Project Runway Episode 2 Recap: Confection Perfection

The unconventional challenge on Project Runway is always my favorite because it forces designers to think f-a-r outside the box...of chocolates. This season’s challenge was to make candy couture using sweet treats found at Dylan’s Candy Bar in NYC. Dylan was hoping to see greater use of lollipops, old school candies and unique items in her store. After seeing how many designers reached for fabric-like items I understood her concern.  It’s Season 10 after all!  With so many gorgeous colors and textures available to them at Dylan’s I was expecting my sweet tooth to hurt from the candy overload but it only ached a little bit.  :)  I grouped designers from good to bad using chocolate types: super sweet, semi sweet and bittersweet 

Super sweet: Sonjia and Ven. I thought they really pushed the limits, creating BEAUTIFUL pieces that had pattern, texture and movement. Sonjia’s dress of jellybeans and gummy sharks was playful, pretty and perfect for summertime. It was adorable in the front and in the back, confection perfection if you will. 
Sharks, jelly beans and peplum = confection perfection
Ven’s dress was beautiful, and I loved the contrast between the black licorice and the crushed pastel rock candy.  It looked like a beautiful stain glassed window coming down the runway. 
Crushed rock candy = such a crushable look 
Semi-Sweet: Dmitry’s black dress moved better than any of them with “beads” made out of gumballs.  He used more muslin than the others so I understand why he wasn’t in the top but I absolutely adored the gumball fringe.  It’s perfect for a night of dancing off all that caloric candy! 

Dmitry says 'Shake your Gumballs' in this dress
Bittersweet: Again, the judges sent the right person home with Lantie's awful umbrella dress and galosh-booties but I'm not sure they got all the right people in the bottom.  Buffi's woven top was kinda neat even though the rest of the look was a disaster but they put Melissa through with her terrible top. And Andrea's dot apron/butt curtain was WAY worse than Elena's pina colada armor dress.  

Andrea's Dot Apron/Butt Curtain 
The dress-aster that sent Lantie home
I love this challenge and seeing what everyone puts together.  I would love to try it myself but I think I'd snack on too much of my "fabrics."  Who did you love/hate?  Any early predictions?  I have some but I'm going to wait till this week to make them.  


Katie said...

I don't usually watch project runway but these outfits are SO creative! Makes me want to start watching... I would totally wear the "stained glass" looking dress. and then I would probably eat it :)

Liz - So Much to Smile About said...

Great recap! I absolutely love Project Runway!

Sarah Lewis said...

Great post ! I love Project Runway, and all of theese are great creations!
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Blue Dog Belle said...

okay--- I haven't been watching, but these are AWESOME.

I totally got off the Project Runway train when they left bravo. so sad

Laura Go said...

I don't watch TV, but there are days when I wish I did, and today is one of them! (Or whenever this episode aired) I love all the creations even the apron! :)

♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights
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Jessi said...

Wow! That first dress looks incredible! They really did a good job. Love that show..


Rocker Chic said...

I love the semi sweet and bitter sweet are my favorite.

I really am going to start back watching project runway.

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

Confection perfection indeed! My favorites are the first two and last one. OMG'd a dress made of candy is right up my alley! hahaha Thanks for sharing this Cara! I saw people talking about it on Twitter, but never tuned in.

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