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Morgan has incredible taste in all things food, style and interior design.  I love her beautiful posts and I feel very lucky to have met her in person at one of DC's Blogger Blitz events. Take it away Morgan! 

Hello there! My name is Morgan and I am over at la chapstick fanatique, a lifestyle blog about food, style, and little tidbits of my life. I am so happy that Cara has asked me to guest post while she is enjoying herself in Alaska!

While I have never been to Alaska, I have done my fair share of traveling, especially while studying abroad. I have learned that, in addition to packing light, you need the right outfit on travel day.  I pretty much have what I am going to wear on my "plane days" down to a science.

I always dress in layers. Planes can be so cold, even when it is hot outside. The more layers you have, the more you can put on and take off.

I also aim to be comfy so I am usually in leggings. Sometimes, when I know my destination is going to be cold, I may choose a dress and tights but I don't really like wearing dresses when it is going to be hot because then I have to bother with taking my tights off or, I don't wear them, and I risk being cold on the plane. I also travel in a cotton tunic. They are usually loser and, so, more comfortable. If it is going to be warm where I am going, I may look for a sleeveless one and use a sweater for the plane. If it is going to be chillier, I look for one with sleeves. I usually bring a longer boyfriend cardigan because, well, they look better with a tunic but there is also more material making it a decent blanket if needed. With these basic pieces, I am feel comfortable lugging around bags, running through an airport, and can curl up in all different positions to sleep on the plane or on seats. 

For shoes, I usually stick with flats. They slip off easily for airport security and they are comfortable for a full day of walking through airports. If it is going to be hot where I am going, I may throw a pair of sandals in my bag. The only time you will see me in anything different is when I have limited space in my suitcase and I want to bring a pair of flat boots. I may just wear them to free up space. Although they can be a pain at security, I have learned to be pretty quick while going through.

For accessories, I keep it simple - a bag and scarf. I usually wear a larger pashmina scarf because it is useful if I get cold, it can be used as a blanket, or it can be balled up to use as a pillow. For the bag, I almost always travel with my Longchamp tote. It can carry a lot - a camera, a few magazines, a book,  a water bottle, and my extra clothing layers. It can also fold up and be thrown into my luggage when I am not using it. 

I hope this gives you some ideas for your next travel outfit. Please stop by my blog and say hi!


hope in high heels said...

I love these travel outfit tips - I travel in a very similar outfit, except I swap the leggings out for my softest, oldest pair of jeans. Although wearing black would be far better as I inevitably always spill something on myself...

Blue Dog Belle said...

Great outfit! very french. Love it :)

silvergirl said...

i never travel by plane without a scarf!!!
a must have for sure

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