Project Runway: Week 6

This week the designers were tasked with making over "real" women. Some designers did a wonderful job making their clients look fab while others couldn't fathom designing for someone without model-like proportions. I was terribly disappointed in Ven's attitude towards his deserving client. She was a blank canvas ready and willing for a change and yet he couldn't get past her curves.  How many times did he refer to her as big during the episode? As a curvacious girl, I was disgusted. Didn't anyone tell him, real women have curves? Anyway, here are my picks for best and worst of the week, makeover and makeunders if you will.

Makeovers:  Fabio has been making strides, he's really coming into his own. This "shades of grey" dress was so beautiful with its pattern and pleats.  It paired beautifully with the edgy hairstyle.  I didn't mind the orange belt but those ankle booties were a very poor choice.

Christopher's grey dress was beautifully constructed and well-fitted to his client. I wish we could have seen the jacket because it appeared to be well cut with a metallic sheen to it.

Make Medium: Gunnar's dress was cocktail party perfection.  It moved perfectly, was really age appropriate and his client clearly LOVED it.  I love when designers create cute looks for older women that aren't dowdy, this was not dowdy at all. She walked the runway better than anyone this season!

Makeunder: Nathan's stage outfit was terrible, but at least he listened and respected his client. It's a good thing (for Ven) that he's been so good the past few weeks because he deserved to go home for his awful turquoise muumuu top and his equally awful attitude towards his client.

What do you think? What were your favorites/misses? Were you as mad about Ven's attitude as I was? 


Jayme and Mendi said...

I haven't been watching but yes I would have been mad at Ven's attitude too! Love the top two dresses!!

Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

Elle Sees said...

i missed the ep, so this was a great recap

Krystal said...

I don't even watch this but someone else i was reading talked about Ven and I don't like him!

silvergirl said...

ven is d--ch!
has it already been 6 weeks?
i am enjoying this season much more than last
i enjoyed almost everyone's design this week, well, not VEN!!

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