Casual Friday

Good to see you, Friday!  I don't know about you but it has been a l-o-n-g week.  Fridays are a fun/ny day to get dressed for me.   At my job we have casual Fridays, and while some take that to the extreme i.e. sweats, football jerseys and the most offensive velour track suit, I try to straddle the line between business casual and Friday fun.  I find this extremely difficult to do, as I like to be ready for any happy hour invitations that may come my way and since I'm so popular it inevitably happens most Fridays :P Anyway, my problems lie from the waist up.  Waist down = jeans and ballet flats and waist up = ???  I love fun tops, and my fun tops are generally not work appropriate so what's a girl to do?  Enter the cardigan.  I own one in every neutral color and they are my go-to solution to every Friday problem.  Add some cute accessories and a iced coffee from Dunkin (yay Dunkin Friday!) and get to work! Here's today's take on casual Friday:
Sweater: Ann Taylor Loft
Top: Marshall's
Jeans: Old Navy
Glitter Flats: Gap (on super sale, $8)
Purse: Cira Limited
Ruffle Headband: DIY by me

P.S. - Who said souveniers had to be in the form of dumb t-shirts or shot glasses? The purse is my kind of souvenier from Colorado. 


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