A Room with a View

Sorry for the intermittent postings, I've been living out of a suitcase recently, and I don't sense any relief in that regard until April.  Anyway, loads of travel leaves me loads of time to catch up on my reading list.  Last week on the way to Colorado (hi Jenn!) I finished Room by Emma Donoghue.

Wow.  Room is the story of 5-year old Jack and Ma and their lives together.  The story is told from Jack's innocent perspective, and follows his and Ma's everyday lives in Room.  In Jack's eyes everything in Room is wonderful, each day a new adventure until one strange day when the power goes out, the heat turns off and everything begins to change.  In the dark, cold Room Ma starts to tell sweet Jack about their lives, what Room means about their past and what Outside is.   As the story progresses, all that Jack knows is turned upside down.    

Room is all-consuming; I had a very hard time putting it down, in fact I definitely slipped in a few pages between emails a few mornings last week.  There are a number of unexpected twists and turns and to say I gasped on the morning train would not be a lie.  I'm not including any plot twists here so I don't spoil it for any interested readers, but this book is suspenseful till the end.

Best read of 2011 so far!  What are you all reading?  Any recommendations?

And since I mentioned a view in the title, here's a picture from my snowshoe adventures in the Rockies this weekend.  This is Nymph Lake with Flattop Mountain in the background.


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