A Frame with Purpose

Last weekend in my spring cleaning haste, I knocked over one of my favorite picture frames and snapped the support/foot/whatever its called clear off the frame.  Since Earth Day is approaching rather than pitch it I decided to re-purpose my broken picture frame into an earring holder.  While I have a beautiful jewelry armoire that holds all my baubles, it's currently overflowing with large earrings, and I've been looking for a solution to this problem for awhile.  

For this project you'll need:

- A picture frame
- Natural burlap
- Scissors
- Ribbon
- Hot Glue Gun

1) Remove the frame's cardboard backing and glass from the picture frame and set aside.
2) Use the frame's cardboard backing to trace out a piece of burlap to fit the frame's space.  Cut the burlap to fit the frame.

3) Hot glue the burlap to the right side of the cardboard backing (non-tabbed side) along its border.  Do not stretch the burlap too taut, but secure it to the cardboard on all sides.  It will droop under the weight of the earrings if its not tight enough. Cut any excess material that is not glue down.

4) Place burlap covered cardboard face down in the frame (as if you were framing a picture) and secure using the backing's tabs.

5) If you want to hang the frame, measure out a piece of ribbon, twine, or wire and attach to the back of your frame with your glue gun.

6) I had some starfish leftover from my wedding DIY-extravaganza so I added one to the corner. Embellish as you see fit.

7) Hang and enjoy!

This project is so easy and affordable, the whole thing cost me less than $5 and that includes buying a rol of burlap.  You could make this as a quick gift for the jewelry lover in your life, maybe even a Mother's Day present with a nice pair of earrings?


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