Weekend Recap

I hope everyone had a great weekend! If you were celebrating Easter, Happy Easter!  Since I was home in Boston last weekend and had a get together then, I spent two days relaxing with hubs, friends and getting back on track post Boston-Marathon.

Friday night we went out with some friends to a new Italian restaurant downtown and were sadly disappointed with everything but the cheese plate we started with...at least I took my new heels out for a spin. Sidebar: I have no idea how Katie Holmes wore heels 4 hours after running the NYC marathon, as putting them on 4 DAYS later was a challenging feet, I mean feat.
Dress Shirt - Macy's, Belt - Betsey Johnson,
Leggings - Target, Shoes - DSW

Saturday I caught up with errands, attended a friend's birthday brunch, worked on a craft project and had a dinner and movie date with two of my best girlfriends.  After gorging on tex-mex, we saw Water for Elephants, and really enjoyed it!  The costumes were stunning, as was the always classy Reese.  Rosie the elephant steals your heart and while I've never seen a Twilight movie, this movie made me swoon over Robert Pattison (just a little). 

Image from of TenGossip.com
 Sunday, hubs and I tried to hike the Billy Goat Trail along the Potomac River but it was closed due to high water.  We walked the toe path instead, and then followed my horrendous sense of direction and need for adventure on the unbeaten path back to the car on the long...way...home (sorry hunny).  To make up for hubby's sore feet and rumbly tummy,  I made him a delicious dinner served couch-side.  While Julia Child never disappoints, the short list of ingredients in this Roast Chicken recipe had me skeptical.  IT WAS WONDERFUL, I will never doubt Julia again.  Crispy skin, moist chicken and light but flavorful gravy!  I will hold onto this recipe forever.  *I did make one edit, adding some cornstarch to the broth to thicken it up at the end before serving.*

Hope your weekend was as relaxing and fun as mine! 


royela said...

LOVE those shoes! definitely worth the pain. at least for a little while :D

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