Repurposed Pegboard

I still have a jewelry storage problem.  Inspired by the picture frame earring holder I made a few weeks ago and a framed pegboard I saw over on Say Yes to Hoboken (love this blog) I  knew I needed to give this project a try.  You will need a:

-Picture Frame and mat larger than your pegboard (I used a 14"x16" frame and 12"x14" mat)
-Pegboard (I used a 12"x12" board)
-Craft paint and paintbrush
- Drawer pulls/knobs (I used 4)
- Scissors

*I got a free 12"x12" piece of pegboard from my local hardware store. Most store use it to build their shelves and when I asked if they sold it they said no but gave me a scrap piece for free.  If you aren't able to score a free pegboard, any major hardware store sells it.

1) On an even, covered surface paint your pegboard to your desired color.  My pegboard was a bit banged up, so it required 3 coats of paint.

2)  Once the paint is dry, screw the knobs onto the pegboard like so:

3) I added some ribbon loops (knotted on the back) so that I can hang some of my cuff bracelets on the board too.  You can also add hooks, eyehooks or painted nails to the board for additional hanging options.

4) Take the glass out of your picture frame and set aside for another use.  If you have a picture mat, place  it in the frame colored side down and then add your pegboard upside down.

5) Before securing the cardboard backing in place, you will need to make space for the screws sticking out of the back of the pegboard.  I used the piece of paper that came with the frame and pushed the screws through it to create a template.

6) I placed the hole-y paper on top of the cardboard and marked the holes with a marker.  Cut holes for the screws in the cardboard with your scissors and secure the cardboard in place with the frame's metal tabs.

7)  Using the nails provided, secure the frame's hanger to the back of the frame. Affix your finished frame to the wall and put it to use!

Depending on how many coats of paint you need and how fast your paint dries, this project can be completed in an afternoon.  Again, this is a very affordable project; the pegboard was free, the frame and mat were $18 and the knobs were $1.99 a piece! World Market has a great selection of quirky knobs, as do Anthropologie and Amazon but World Market was the least expensive option I found.  You can really load the pegboard up with jewelry, and I like that it allows my more tangle-prone necklaces to hang alone and remain blissfully tangle-free!  

Happy Crafting kids!     


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