Baby Blanket 101

I spent a hot second in NYC for a baby shower this weekend.  With the number of pregnant friends I'm amassing, there must be something in the water.  While I'm not ready to drink from that tap, I am happy to ooh and ahh at all things baby and craft a few things for my friends' wee ones arriving this year.   I'm still a beginner knitter, but I made this blanket to add to my basket o'gifts for baby P.  

This knobby yarn is not for the faint of heart as it splits easily and does not carry patterns well due to its texture and variegated color.  I tried three patterns before admitting defeat.  I made this blanket by casting 90 stitches onto size 8 straight needles, and working in garter stitch until the blanket formed a wide rectangle.  Ideally, I would have had enough yarn to make a square, but I bought three skeins in New Orleans months ago and I ran out and couldn't find anymore online thus I had to settle on a rectangle-ish shape for the finished product.  For the corner fringe I cut 12 pieces (6 each) of pink and variegated yarn of the same length and pulled them through a hole at each corner with a crochet hook until they were the same length at either end of the hold.  I then used a small scrap of yarn to tie all 12 pieces in place, like a tassel.  Block the blanket and you're done!

While not my best work (I bound the end too tight causing it to curve slightly) mom-to-be loved it, and I'll have plenty of time to practice as baby season ramps up!


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