Harem? Scarem?

It's no coincidence that the word harem means 'forbidden place' in Arabic because until recently harem pants were exactly that for me, a forbidden place.  Who needs a garment that purposely makes your upper thigh and hip look wide and then adds a taper and elastic around the ankle just for kicks?  It hurts me to just write taper at the ankle.  Needless to say, I mentally threw harem pants in the only-look-good-on-the-runway hamper with jumpsuits and crop tops.  Until I met this pair at Ann Taylor Loft.  

Shirt/Pants/Necklace - Ann Taylor Loft
Shoes - Nine West
Earrings - Charming Charlie

These pants were a triple threat in the dressing room; beyond comfortable, $16.99 and my super happy  size :)  At home they have made me equally happy; dressing up and down with ease and working with both heels and flats. 

Spotted: Elastic around ankle
Like skinny jeans and leggings, harem pants have left forbidden territory and entered the oasis that is my closet.   Tell me, what clothes or fashion trends scare you?


Angela said...

Are these petite pants? I have been searching for the right pair of harem pants but none have been the right length! Thanks scout :)

Trina said...

Maxis! Not for the short-and-stout like me! But they always look sooooo comfy!

Cara said...

Angela, yes they are petite pants! I'm a dedicated ATL shopper because their petite length pants are actually petite enough for my 5'1" gams.

Trina, I hear you. Maxis are scary for me too. I hemmed the one I have up some and a v-neck helps make you look like you aren't swimming in fabric. We can go shopping for one together :D

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