A little help from my friends...

Back in the day, I made a mean gimp friendship bracelet.  This week I dusted off my bracelet making skills and whipped up 25 friendship bracelets for the Craft for Hope Orphan Outreach project.  If you are not familiar with Craft for Hope, they provide projects for crafters to put their passion for creating to good use.  Previous projects have aided Haiti, India, Nicaragua just to name a few.

Project 12, Orphan Outreach is shipping friendship bracelets to Russia, where over 1 million children are orphans are without homes.  The outlook for orphans in Russia is bleak; 60% of female orphans become prostitutes and more than 70% of males engage in criminal activity.  This project hopes to bring a little bit of love and friendship to kids who've been dealt a tough hand and could most certainly use a friend.

Craft for Hope is collecting bracelets through June 15th, so I'm asking you to flex your crafting muscles,  pull out your plastic beads, embroidery floss, gimp, hemp, fabric, whatever you can get your hands on and make some friendship bracelets. I pulled from my t-shirt pile and did a lot of braiding, fabric flower making for my bracelets.  They aren't fancy or expensive, just homemade with a little bit of love.  Finished bracelets should be shipped to: Carin Vogelzang, 630 Griswold SE, Grand Rapids, MI. 49507

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