Life ain't a Sprint

As Ice Cube says, "Life ain't a sprint, its a marathon."  If this challenge were a marathon, right about now is when I'd start to complain about calf pain.  While calf pain has been solely limited to the days I wear my black heels, this challenge is growing tougher by the mile day!  I've been reaching neglected accessories left and right, quite like I did with popsicles on Heartbreak Hill during the Boston Marathon. (Apparently I'm itching to sign up for another marathon.)

Mile 14/Tuesday/Fascinating Specimen:  When I got in the elevator Tuesday morning, my fellow rider looked at my head and asked me, "is that one of those British things?" Oh boy. While the British certainly rock headgear more than us stateside, they have not cornered the market on fascinators as I've loved them for awhile.  This blue top and black skirt were the last clean items in my 30-day arsenal so I  paired them with my fascinator and leopard print belt to go for a full animal-inspired look.
Fascinator- XXI, Top - Anthropologie, Belt - Betsey Johnson, Skirt - Old Navy, Shoes - Daniblack

Mile 15/Wednesday/Teal Appeal: The back of this dress is the best part of it, however its not work appropriate and after last week's sheer debacle I had to wear a cardigan all day.  This belt was such a steal; $2 at Gap Outlet a few years back.  Hmm, it was much looser back then...another bit of marathon inspiration!
Dress - Marshalls, Belt - Gap Outlet, Cardigan - Ann Taylor Loft, Sandals - Nordstrom, Jewelry - Gifts, Flea Markets

Mile 16/Thursday/Bright Spot:  This top was sadly the only bright thing today, I felt like Grumpy Bear all day.  Do you remember Grumpy Bear (the blue Care Bear with the blue rain cloud on his tummy?) Did I just date myself?  Anyway, not the best workday and then UPS and USPS ran me through the ringer.  Fortunately my holiday weekend starts tomorrow!

Shirt - Mexico, Jeans - Michael Kors, Scarf - Mom, Flipflops - Kino, Hair clip - Kauai

Thank goodness for a pedicure tomorrow! 

What are you doing for the 4th?  Whatever it is, I hope it involves great food, great people and the great outdoors.  Be safe sweet readers! 


rebecca said...

Oh I just love your tops in 1 and 3!!! And the flowers in your hair are so cute!


Turk said...

Your legs look great in that last picture. And, of course, you fashion sense is something I aspire to.

Lauren said...

How am I just realizing that you write a blog!? Right-click, Add bookmark :)

You're talking to the care bear queen - I absolutely remember grumpy bear.

Lauren said...

BTW ^ is from your cousin. Sometimes I forget how ridiculously common my name is.

Michelle said...

Fascinator!!! Love.

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