Shade Hunter

It's almost 100 degrees i.e. hotter than Hades.  To celebrate summer's early arrival I'm in the market for some new sunglasses.  Maybe its the Red Noveau on my nails, or the color of my face after walking for 3 minutes outside but red frames are speaking to me:

The RayBan New Wayfarer - $119 at RayBan.com

D&G D8079 - $134.95 at Sunglass Hut.com

Lacoste Cannes -$102 at Zappos.com

Originally I wanted to get a pair of Wayfarers as I've been stealing my husband's pair for the past couple of weeks but I'm not sure I'm hip enough to carry them off full-time.  I'm leaning towards the Lacoste pair but am still on the fence.  Any suggestions?


Gloria said...

i'm loving this trend of brightly colored sunglasses - those wayfarers are hot!

sugarmouse said...

ooh~ never really considered red shades before but now you've made me want them ;D

Erin said...

Ray Bans! Soo cute! MK Olsen is wearing them in quite a few pictures, and they seem to work with everything!



Cara said...

Thanks Ladies - Wayfarers seem to be the choice.

Sarah said...

Ooh, I am lovin' red glasses lately. It hasn't even been close to nice enough to encourage me to splurge on some, but you've made me want to anyway!

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