A Splash of Color

I assure you its not February nor Groundhog day; this is yet another maxi dress being featured within a week of the first one.  You know when it takes forever to find what you're looking for and as soon as you find one you see options everywhere?  If not, here's an example.  In truth, I bought this dress before the other one in a moment of euphoria at Nordstrom after wrapping the never-ending project at work.  Where's Falcor the Dragon when I need him?

Dress/Shoes - Nordstrom, Necklace - Ann Taylor Loft, Scarf  -  borrowed from Mom,
Watch - borrowed from Husband, Bracelet - gift, Sunglasses - Cole Haan, Purse - Kauai, HI

I wore the above on Sunday to a craft fair in Occoquan, VA. While browsing, a vendor yelled, "that's a lot of color" in my direction.  Yes, I suppose it is, but its not like I was wearing my technicolor dreamcoat; I save that for gloomy winter days.  Sunday was everything but gloomy; hot, humid and bright.  The day practically begged for color and since monochromatic looks are in, I gave it a go.  Our "luxury" apartment complex was sans running water so the headscarf provided a brilliant disguise to my otherwise untamed mane.  I like this outfit but am I overdoing it, do I look like a package of Starbursts?  Would you wear this much color together, or do you?


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