Summer Remix

After leaving a store with more clothes I don't need on Saturday, I've decided to take a shopping hiatus for one month.  While this may not be hard for some of you, I love new clothes and the thrill of the hunt even more.  I know I'm not alone because Kendi started her summer 30x30 Remix today so I'm hopping on the bandwagon, whittling my options down, and preparing to accessorize like crazy. What does this mean? For the next 30 days I will wear only 30 items including shoes (accessories excluded.)  Again, this may not be tough for some but I adore my summer wardrobe and can easily go 4-6 weeks without a repeat so reaching for the same five pairs of shoes/skirts/shorts for the next month is going to be t.o.u.g.h.  But, they don't call it a challenge for nothing. Here's my closet until July 13th:

Three pairs of heels, two pairs of sandals, two cardigans and one sweater vest

2 pairs of weekend shorts, 2 pairs of Bermuda shorts, 1 pair of white jeans, 5 skirts

Awful picture of my three dresses 
8 shirts, 1 camera string (and I just realized these are all tank tops...I hope its a warm month)

First, I apologize for the more-awful-than-usual pictures; I was shooting these on commercial breaks from the Stanley Cup game, go B's!  Second, rather than post an outfit a day and sacrifice all other dabbling I will do a round-up every Sunday of the week's looks.   Is anyone else out there participating in the challenge, or has completed it in the past? Stay tuned while I get cranky creative with my wardrobe! 


Lauren said...

How fun! I love a good challenge! Too bad im stuck wearing the same outfit everday. Lol. The one thing I miss about my office job is cute clothes.

Cara said...

Aww you had some great outfits too, back when we were roomies!

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