Last week my friend A was searching for new summer accessories and linked me to a bunch of pretty new baubles on J.Crew's website.  One of the bracelets she linked me to was this one:
Bhati Bracelet - J.crew
It's a cute summer bracelet; silk, bold and gold. What's not to like? But $36*?  I don't know about you but I'd rather spend $36 elsewhere in J.Crew, like these, this or this.  Thus I told A, "let me try to make you one." Here's a $3 DIY look-alike ($1.60 in washers, $3/yd clearance fabric.)

For this project you will need:
- One long scrap of fabric, preferably one with some metallic thread.
- Scissors
- 8 gold colored washers (I bought the 1/16" wide size from the hardware store)
- Gold paint/spray paint (I did not do this but if you want brighter, shinier gold hardware you could spray the washers before assembling your bracelet)

1) Cut a 36" long, 2" wide strip of fabric.  Fold it in half and then twist it to add texture.

2) Start adding the washers to the twisted strip of fabric.  Knot the first washer into place (knot, washer, knot) so it won't slide off the bracelet.  Then space the washers at random on the remaining fabric strip, roughly ever 2-3" or wrap the bracelet around your wrist and place the washers where you want them to sit.

3) Knot the last washer into place (knot, washer, knot), tie the ends together and you are ready to go!

4) I made a "You're Scooper" tag for A's bracelet because she finished her second Half-Ironman on Sunday and was walking around work today like she'd done nothing out of the ordinary this weekend. She's such a rock star!

*I respect J.Crew for collaborating with outside designers and jewelry makers like they did with this bracelet and re-selling it at the seller's stated price.  This post/project is purely a test of taking a great idea and re-creating it on a smaller budget (sorry I needed to say it).


Erica said...

Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog :) Those cake pops look amazing!!
:) Erica

Suzzie V said...

haha cute!

jaclyn @ thelateafternoon said...

great "re-crewation!!" sometimes its more satisfying to make something yourself than to buy it! also, the ice cream on your gift tag is so cute!

Trina said...

That looks so awesome!!!

Lauren said...

wow! this is soo sooo cool!!! I'm totally going to make one of these! Thanks for posting!!

Notes She Wrote

Cara said...

Thanks Everyone! AC Moore actually is carrying silken cord with surged edges in the 36" length already. It costs $2.99 and comes in a number of lovely colors, if you are interested!

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