Three's Company

It's day 3 of the 30 day, 30 item challenge. How am I doing? So far so good, no repeats and no ridiculous, "it looks like you need to do laundry" outfits.  Even though I am just getting started with the challenge I already have made one realization about my wardrobe.  I have a lot of hand wash only clothing and there's no chore I dislike more than hand washing.  It feels so very Oregon Trail scrubbing away in my bathtub, next thing I know Ma will catch dysentery as we ford the river.  I digress... Without further ado, here are outfits 1, 2 and 3.

 Day One:  I call this one Granny Sweater Chic.
Sweater - TJ Maxx, Dress - Filene's Basement, Belt - Diesel, Sandals - Nordstrom

Day Two: Crazy Mamacita.  I scraped my knee in softball the night before and had to wear a long skirt to cover my home plate bite.  Apparently, this look was too much at 7:00am as I was asked for I.D. by the Metro Police on my way to work and then a man in an elevator told me I was "whoa, bright."
Shirt- Mexico, Skirt - Marshalls, Flip flops - Kino Sandal Factory, Key West, Necklace - Gift

Home plate bit me!
Day Three - Casual Thursday.  I have a feeling this beaded top may R.I.P post remix, I lost two beads yesterday.

                                              Top - Ann Taylor Loft, Jeans - Marshalls, Shoes - Nordstrom, Earrings/Necklace worn as bracelet -Gifts, Purse - Nine West                                                 

So there you have it, looks 1-3.  Have a great weekend!


Hilary Mae said...

You rock that brown top! And that yellow top is awesome!
I'm remixing too! Have fun!


Trina said...

I have to start by asking: ID'd by metro police?? AHAHAHAH

I love that shirt though - I want it! :D

SquirrelGurl said...

I LOVE your Thursday outfit!

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