Frost yourself

Who knows what movie the title comes from?

Fun and colorful bracelets have easily become my go-to accessory this summer, so I am always on the hunt for something new and different. When I came across the Max & Chloe line of bracelets on ShopStyle I knew I had to have one; all the bold colors and sparkle would jazz up any summer outfit!


I was already outfit planning around said bracelets when I saw the price tag and instantly deflated.  $55-$113 a piece = not in my budget.  After looking for a equally beautiful substitute and finding none, in true Cara fashion, I thought "I can make something like that" and so I did.

For this project you will need:
- At least one rhinestone bracelet (I bought a pack of three at Target for $7.99, if you can find a bangle with spacing in between the rhinestones that is the easiest to work with)
- Embroidery floss in bright colors (I found them for $0.59 a piece)
- Clear Nail polish or Hairspray and a small pin

1) Anchor your embroidery floss to the bracelet with a small knot; leave a 1" tail. You will wrap over the tail as you go along as it adds strength to the bracelet's anchor.  Optional: go over the knot with either clear nail polish or hair spray to lock in place (I skipped this.)

2) Wrap the embroidery floss around the bangle in the space between the rhinestones making sure to keep your work tight and to catch the knot's tail until it has been completely wrapped up.  I found that 4 loops of floss per space worked well for my taste.  4 loops per space totals approximately 7 feet of floss per bracelet.

3) When ready to finish the bracelet tie a small knot at the end of the floss and using a small pin feed it back through your work on the underside of the bracelet until secure.  Again, you can go over that area with clear nail polish or hair spray for added strength.

4) If you cannot find a rhinestone bangle have no fear! You can use a bracelet built on elastic (Target has both options in the set I bought.)  For the elastic bracelets, I used a full package of embroidery floss per bracelet to make four equal length pieces of floss and then wrapped them between the rhinestones along the elastic until I went all the way around the bracelet once (see yellow bracelet.)  If you want more color, wrap the bracelet back the other way and continue until you use all of the floss up (see blue bracelet) and follow step 3 above to finish.

 Now go out and rock your rhinestones this weekend! I'm heading back to the beach tonight, aaah it's a tough life! :)


Mal said...

It's from How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days :-D

Those bracelets are fantastic!


Yvonne said...

That is so neat ..I might have to try this!

Thanks for the tutorial :)

Curves ahead makeup said...

love this project !!! and the colors are awesome

jaclyn @ thelateafternoon said...

this is such a great alternative to buying these colorful, jeweled bracelets! its cool how the bracelets combine two different textures!

Michelle said...

So cute! You should totally sell these! I would definitely buy them (as long as they're not $55!).

Kristin said...

What a fabulous DIY! Your arm candy turned out great!

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