Rounding Third

I just returned from another spectacular beach weekend, this time with my family on Cape Cod.  I'm already itching to go back.  Until I can give you a full recap of the weekend, here are outfits 21-25, I am getting so close to the end!  Fresh clothes and shoe options await, yes!

Day 21: Wednesday, Pretty in Pink.  This outfit was a no-brainer, the pink of the dress and the cardigan match each other perfectly, not to mention they are easy and comfortable to wear to work.  The pattern at the base of the skirt also reminded me of the fun earrings my friend Sini brought me back from India so I had to put those on.
Cardigan - Christopher & Banks; Dress/Bracelets - Filene's Basement; Shoes - Nordstrom (Seychelles);  Earrings - India

Day 22: Thursday, Surprise Date.   This "top" is a dress I wore on Day 7 tucked into a skirt I wore on Day 14.  Prior to this remix I never would have worn a dress as a top, but desperate times call for desperate work outfits.  I like how this turned out and obviously my husband did too as he took me out for a surprise dinner date after work.
Dress as Top - Marshall's; Skirt - Old Navy; Bracelets and Necklace - Gifts/Flea Market; Shoes - DaniBlack;  Wallet - Urban Outfitters; Sunnies - Cole Haan

Day 23:  Friday, Bad Omen.  On Day 16, I wore this top and did not have a very good day.  On Friday, after busting serious butt at work and playing in weekend I-95 traffic, I got to the airport just in time for my flight to be cancelled.  This shirt is bad news.  I'm putting it in time out until it can shape up and behave properly.
Shirt - Mexico; Dress as Skirt - Marshalls; Sandals - Kino, Key West;  Jewelry-Eastern Market/St. Lucia; Bag - L.L. Bean

Day 24: Saturday, Braids, Braids Everywhere.  After basking in the glorious sun all day on my Dad's boat, I reached for this outfit when we headed out for dinner on the water.  We were in a hurry so you can't see the braided shoes or headband very well but they are there, trust me.

Shirt - Anthropologie; Jeans - Marshalls (Michael Kors); Sandals - Nordstrom (BP); Bangle - St. Lucia;  Headband,  DIY here, Sunnies - Oscar de la Renta

From a different day but for braided outfit effects.

Day 25:  Sunday, Camouflage.  Hydrangeas are my absolute favorite flower (bush?) and they are in bloom everywhere in our front yard.  I was so inspired by the beautiful blossoms that I grabbed this floral top to be photographed in amongst the flowers.

Shirt - Dillards; Belt - Betsey Johnson; Shorts - Macy's; Sandals - Kino's, Key West, Sunnies - Cole Haan 

Stay tuned this week for a weekend recap, outfits 26-30, and hopefully a new craft project.  I know I owe you one!  Happy (almost) Hump Day!


Yvonne said...

LOVE that headband! May have to make my own. Wow. Such a cool idea :)

Mal said...

Great outfits, I especially love those nude pumps!


rebecca said...

I love all your cute shoes! Especially the first pair.


Curves ahead makeup said...

cute outfits enjoyed all your pictures !!

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