Wednesday's Wardrobe, err make that Thursday's Threads?

I hope you all enjoyed meeting Whitney yesterday! Hopefully you took the time to visit her blog and see her beautiful pictures and if you haven't, do it now!  Despite life/August's craziness I wanted to share a few of my favorite threads from the past week.  I wore a lot of bright colors this week, I think I'm subconsciously pulling for all my summer brights before summer comes to a close.

I apologize for the poor quality of some of these photos; it was REALLY late at night and my groggy husband was reclined on the love seat when I asked him to snap a few on my point and shoot.  Also, lets not focus on the frizzed out-gym hair happening up top, after all it was late! I love this skirt, my mom made it from a Lilly Pulitzer pajama top because we both love Lilly and I love to be comfortable.  It's like Pajama Jeans but cuter!

I spy with my little eye "love you too much" in the fabric, do you?  
See the buttons of the pajama top? 

 Top - Filene's Basement, Skirt - Mom, Shoes - Steve Madden , Bracelets - DIY
 I wore this dress to work and then to fly home to Boston. You know how I feel about poor airport attire, so this was dressy enough for work, but comfy enough to fly in.  Best of both worlds! This dress was one of my first purchases from XXI, its just so colorful and fun.  To think I'd have missed the XXI boat if my friend Marisol hadn't told me that us 21+ gals could shop there too!  This purse is my go-to for summer travel as its super soft, goes with everything and holds a ton of magazines for the plane.
Dress - XXI, Tank - Old Navy, Shoes - Sofft via Nordstrom,  Necklace/Earrings - Gift, Bracelet - St. Lucia, Purse - Furla via RueLaLa

Marisol and I did some shopping Monday before heading back to D.C. and scored some great baubles from Bella of Cape Cod and Jackie's in Chatham.  I picked up these earrings because they remind me of flower drop earrings my Nana used to have; wish I had her real ones...and all her beautiful gloves.  I digress, but using the earrings and necklace as inspiration, this outfit came together lickity split! Thankfully so, because I was running late after a super-delayled flight (grumble grumble.)

From Jackie's 

From Bella of Cape Cod

Top - Gap Outlet, Skirt - XXI, Shoes - Seychelles via Nordstrom

How do we feel about the bigger photos? Bigger is better right? This is America after all! Now, does anyone have any idea how to pack for 8 days in Lake Tahoe/Yosemite/San Francisco with temperatures ranging from high 30's to mid 80's in the one bag your husband sanctioned for your use?  Suggestions are most welcome (recommendations of things to do are too!)


Mila said...

These bigger photos are definitely better!
I love looove those green wedges!

Anonymous said...

The jewelry you scored is so pretty! I agree with poor airport attire, I always strive to be comfy but still cute, I don't think just because i'm taking a flight that I should sacrifice style!! Cute dress, it fits the purpose perfect.


Anonymous said...

That dress is beautiful! The different shades of blue look lovely on you.

I don't know about Lake Tahoe or Yosemite, but here in San Francisco it's 65 degrees every day. That means you can wear short sleeves as long as you have a light sweater or jacket with you at all times. I find myself taking my sweaters off and on all day depending on whether I'm in the sun or not. As for things to do, of course you have to visit the Golden Gate Bridge and Pier 39 to see the sea lions! You can always meet me for coffee too. :)

AJBrush said...

I love that blue dress, it's adorable! & so is that yellow skirt. Too cute! I hope yall have safe travels!


Closet Full of Happiness said...

That dress is perfect - put together but also comfortable. Whatever happened to the days when flying was still glamorous? Well, it's never to late to make it happen again!! Go you!

Gabrielle - I LIKE IT FAST said...

Love the outfit! Stunning

Anonymous said...

That skirt is such a cute creation, love it! Oh... and I serious love those shoes, they're fab!

Samantha said...

That is the CUTEST skirt that your mom made - I heart hearts and love the hidden quote in it! And that XXI dress is fabulous!!

xo, sam

From Suns To Moons said...

The yellow and green outfit is my absolute favorite - I especially love the jewelry!

Michelle said...

I love finding age-appropriate things at Forever 21 (when you're not 21). I tell my older sister to shop there all the time, but she hasn't been convinced yet.

I can't believe that skirt is made from pajamas--amazing! And I love the shoes!

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