Wednesday's Wardrobe: Emotional Dressing

All week I've been feeling a little off.  Maybe it's the days getting shorter or the ragweed in the air or the busy season at work but something has me in a funk.  My family says I wear my feelings on my sleeves, and this week that is entirely true.  Subconsciously, I have reached for blue, black and green all week.  

Fall is definitely starting to stir here in D.C., the mornings and evenings are growing crisper which equates to work days full of cardigans.  I wanted to add an unexpected pop of color to this outfit, so I reached for this yellow belt I also bought in San Francisco.  I was a bad, bad girl there!

Dress - Marshall's, Cardigan - Talbots, Belt - Marmalade (SF), Shoes - Steve Madden

This poor skirt was at the back of my closet all summer.  Being high-waisted I deemed it too hot to wear this wet, hot American summer.  Now that the dog days are over, I have moved it back into rotation.  I grabbed this tank at Old Navy because I love its pretty, little straps.  The lace detail matches the back of my cardigan...too bad I didn't snap a picture of that. womp, womp.   
Cardigan/Skirt- Marshall's, Tank - Old Navy, Necklace - Gift from Grandma, Clogs - Via Spiga, Earrings - Eden of W. Dennis

I adore this top, the color is so vibrant!  I generally try to pair this top with slimmer pants/pencil skirts since it's a bit voluminous but I opted for volume today to play with proportion.  I'm not sure I love it, but I am glad I tried it.  

Top - Cynthia Steffe via Gilt Groupe, Skirt - Old Navy, Shoes - Bandolino, Necklace - Gift from Mom,  Earrings - Chatham, MA, Bracelets, Target/DIY

Detailed pleating, and OPI's Quarter Cent-cherry, my favorite fall color of the moment

I have to ask, do you ever let your emotions dress you?  I'm hoping my mood turns around soon, my blue and green options are limited! :D


Hilary Mae said...

Those green shoes are amazing!!! You're so lucky you still get to wear those, here in Ohio autumn is in full swing already!

Anonymous said...

Aw, it's no fun to feel blue, but at least you look pretty in these cool colors. I think the last picture with the blue top is especially flattering--your skin is glowing! I agree with Hilary that those green shoes are amazing (of course, I'm partial to anything green).

The first thing I noticed in your post was the set of weights on the carpet. I have the exact same weights sitting on the floor of my living room! But I'm a bad girl too--it's been forever since I've actually used them. Oh well. :)

Lindsay @ The Everything Project said...

I love your blue top and the pretty necklace you're wearing with it!

Style Journey said...

Well, first of all you don't look sad or blue at all in the photos! The outfits are great and pretty, especially the skirt in the first set of photos.

My motto about getting dressed when you are in a funk is "When you feel like crap, dress up" It really works! Plus some red lipstick really makes me feel sassy too! Heather

Amy Fashion Blog said...

I love you blue heels.


Dawn said...

Nice outfits. They all look so nice on you. I especially like the blue blouse paired with the necklace. I dress according to my mood all of the time. Have a great weekend. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo Thank for stoppin by!!!

Michelle said...

Love all the outfits, especially the middle one. Your hair looks great pulled back, the olive cardigan is a great color on you, and I adore clogs. I'm also a sucker for buttons on skirts, so there you go.

If I'm feeling kind of down, I do gravitate toward darker colors, but I try to pick bright ones to pick me up!

Samantha said...

I love that colorful outfit with the yellow belt! (Actually, like all the outfit!) And for feeling in a funk, you sure do look fabulous!

When I'm down in the doldrums, I try to dress happy so it lifts my mood!

xo, sam

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