Wednesday's Wardrobe: Pants Aplenty

Truth be told I do not like pants, and they don't like me.  Most retail outfitters "petite" length is at least 1-2" too long, even with heels!  Shout out to Ann Taylor Loft who must have a short designer on their team because their petite pants fit so well.  I live in them.  Since we're approaching pants season,  and I have not featured many pants-based outfits on this blog, I decided to change that today.  Here are a few pant looks from the past week indoors. Rain, rain go away!

Wore this to work last Friday and then to fly to Boston. Excuse my craft space clutter.
Top - GoJane.com, Jeans - Ann Taylor Loft, Shoes - Seychelles, Necklace - DIY here, Bracelets - Target/Eden of Dennis, Earrings - Gift from Mom

I wore this yesterday to fly back from Boston and go to work for a few hours.  While not really work appropriate it was my wedding anniversary and I wanted to wear my wedding shoes, why hello Manolos!

Top - Armitage, San Francisco, Jeans - J Brand, Shoes - Manolo Blahnik, Necklace - Gift from Mom, Bracelets - DIY

I wore this one for a seafood dinner with my family on the Cape.  Not the best pics, and I definitely soaked up too much sun but I'm wearing (short) pants nonetheless.  I also took this necklace apart and refashioned it into this braid.

Top - Macy's, Capri's - Old Navy, Necklace- Charming Charlies, Earrings - Gift from Parents 

I'm thinking about making October the month of the dresses, 31 days of dressy, fall fun.  What do you think? Would you participate if I made it an actual event with a button and all? Let me know! 


Becky said...

Cara I love this! I totally agree with your opening comment on the 'petite' length pants... the fashion industry's standards of what 'average' height is is totally ridiculous. Pants/jeans are a struggle for us shorties but you look great in all of these pictures!


Sini said...

Have to agree. Petite pants me no likey as they're never the right fit or get odd fitting after a wash. As for October, dresses sound fun! Maybe you can do summer dresses converted for fall looks? Oh and can you please possibly do some pumpkin-related crafts and recipes? Ok yum thanks. Please bring test samples to work ;)

Bravoe Runway said...

So glad to see you feature slacks and Ann Taylor and Loft has great styles to fit petite and regular height ladies! Your wedding shoes are gorgeous!

Style Journey said...

Thank you for your sweet comment! All of your outfits are so cute in different ways! Your wedding shoes are beautiful! I am definitely more of a skirt and dress girl, but when it gets cold out, I break out the pants more often!

Anonymous said...

A month of dresses sounds fun. I'd totally do it--I'm a button whore.

You must be short like me. I'm 5'0'' but my legs are long (makes no sense). I used to wear regular length pants when I wore heels every day, but since switching to flats, I need short length pants. I still don't wear petite pants though. It's weird.

I love the DIY necklace. More crafts please!

..: Curvy & Petite :.. said...

Great Blog :) Great Inspirations!!!


Peace & Love.
Jimely Rosas.

Hilary Mae said...

That purple top is my favorite!
I love it!
And the necklace on the last outfit is great too!
Your style is awesome!

ssm said...

Oooh, I was going to say that I loved the necklace in the first outfit, but then I scrolled down and loved the 2nd one, too, and then the third...I'm just going to make a blanket statement and guess that I'll like ALL your necklaces.

Samantha said...

LOVE all three outfits! That purple top is so fun because it has a "surprise" in the back!

And your anniversary outfit is FABULOUS! Those manolos are killer! Happy Anniversary!

I may copy you on the braiding necklace - love it!

xo, sam

Nnenna said...

I love the color of your purple top =) I've bought many pairs of shoes from GoJane, but I've never thought to look at their clothes!

star-crossed smile

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