Get the Look - Birdie, Donovan Decker's HR gal

Get the Look - Birdie, Donovan Decker's HR gal

Did you watch the world premiere of Jane By Design last night? I did, and it sure was cute! Per usual I had my eye on what all the actresses were wearing, and the first full outfit that caught my eye was that of Birdie, the HR gal for Donovan Decker.  Sorry for the terrible picture, it was the only still I could find online.

Birdie welcomed Jane into the office with a great pair of high waist cupro pants, a beautiful off-white top with pleating and zippered shoulder details, black pumps and an AMAZING statement necklace.  The rope and beaded necklace was so enviable, this was easily the must copy look of the show for me.  While Birdie wore pumps, I found these Fendi booties that I think would pair perfectly with her look so I picked them for her (and maybe me in my dreams.)

What outfits did you like from the show? Jane's vertical striped skirt/dress and shoes were fantastic and I also liked her chambray and colorful skirt combination.  Share your "Get the Look" page over on the Jane By Design Facebook page or shout out my outfit over there, they choose the winner tomorrow!


Claire said...

loving that blush colored top and it's perfect with that necklace!!!


Style Journey said...

The necklace is gorgeous!

Jayme and Mendi said...

I've heard good things about this new show. I forgot to watch, but am hoping that I can catch it online or On Demand. I definitely want to see it if the fashion is great!!

Just found your blog & we're now following! Visit our blog sometime & follow back if you'd like to keep in touch! We'd love to hear from you.

Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

skippysays said...

I love that top and the necklace! I've been looking for a statement necklace for a while now, but no luck in finding one I love at a price I can afford yet :(

silvergirl said...

watched part of the show online last night
the clothes were fabulous, but i had a hard time wrapping my mind around a high school girl getting hired for this position.
i know it's tv!!
anyway, the clothes were fantastic

Audrey @ Putting Me Together said...

Just found your blog and saying hello! I've been reading about Jane by Design on some other blogs but I have yet to watch the premiere. That pinky/peach top you featured is soooo pretty!


chicology said...

I like that top!

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