Project Runway recap: Episode 1

I’m a bit late recapping Episode 1 of Project Runway; Episode 2 airs in less than 12 hours but better late than never!  I think the season kicked off with a bang, and I loved the challenge of creating a complimentary look to their at-home creation to be debuted in Times Square.  I would have been terrified/thrilled to present to the center of NYC.  There seem to be a wide range of designers and personalities this season; I’m shocked that designers were clashing so early (Christopher and Gunnar I’m looking at you!) There hasn’t been a team challenge to fight over yet.

In terms of the highs and lows of the runway, I have to agree with the judges. I absolutely loved Christopher’s at-home look, the way the layers of his gown moved on the runway were simply fantastic!  His complimentary look was a bit of a mess from the back with that weird zipper bump but the crepe-like cocktail was a well-suited match to the gown.  I also loved Ven’s origami-inspired hot pink looks, he appears to be a master tailor much like Victor and Christian from past seasons.  I would love to wear the suit he made to work or dinners out.  The judges picked Melissa for the third highest score, but personally I thought Nathan’s looks were better, the orange flowy gown he made was fantastic!
Christopher's crepe-like creations
Ven's beautiful suit and complimentary dress
Nathan's colorful, flowy pieces

The lows were…low.  While I respect clothes that aren’t necessarily my taste for their design asthetic some of them were pretty rough on the eyes.  Kooan’s romper was something out of a Teletubbies episode and Beatrice’s poncho was a bit Holly hobby. 
Kooan's colorful looks

Beatrice before she got eliminated
 I can’t wait for tonight’s unconventional episode where the designers are asked to make clothes using candy from Dylan’s Candy Bar!  Sometime I’ll have to tell you about how I hung up the phone on Dylan…till then, Make It Work! 

What did you think of Episode 1, who were your favorites, any early predictions for the finale? Shout it Out! 


Terri said...

I hate Gunnar a lot. He appears to just be copying Joshua's personality from last season, as if that actually did anything to benefit him. I hope he goes soon. I do like Christopher, though. Doesn't he look like Michael Costello?

Do you read the blog Tom and Lorenzo? They are AMAZING. I think you'd like it.


SquirrelGurl said...

Gunnar is just abrasive, I'm sure he thinks it's cute but starting drama right away just isn't. I LOVED Ven's suit, especially the top.

Kooan is going to be an interesting one to watch, those massive button-strap things on his jumper were interesting, I'm sure he's going to be entertaining to watch.

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