Project Runway Episode 4: On the Go

I'm still cleaning out my DVR from vacation but I was able to watch Episode 4 of Project Runway last night.  I was upset by the early exits of Andrea and Kooan; no doubt they are exhausted physically and creatively but Project Runway is a once in a lifetime opportunity, have another espresso and make it work! After the shocking discovery of Andrea's midnight departure and Kooan's subsequent workroom breakdown, the emotional designers got to work designing looks for women on the go. Their looks needed to transition from a day in the office to a night out on the town with ease. As a gal frequently on the go, I was very interested to see what the designers came up with. I ranked my picks for this week's best and worst on the go looks using the following scale: Going to the Ritz, Going Downtown, Going to pick up take out pizza and a Redbox movie.

Going to the Ritz: The judges got it right with Dmitry and Sonjia's dresses.  I would love to own both of their dark dresses.  I live in simple shifts with pretty details like Sonjia's cutouts and Dmitry's woven top for days that go from the office to happy hour.  My predicted winner, Ven also made a great dress in khaki with fun off-set zippers but the judges passed on his look. These looks made versatile clothing versastyle!
Sonjia' beautifully cut dress

Dmitry's easy, cool shift dress
Going Downtown: Christopher's look was really cool and like Heidi I was shocked that he made the entire look including the leather jacket for $150.  I would have liked the look more if the dress was hemmed an inch or two higher and the long sash-like detail was shorter. The sash makes it a bit formal for the office...or a downtown bar.
Christopher's chic black ensemble
Going to pick up a pizza and movie: Oh Buffi, buffi, buffi.  I love your accent and your crazy cool hair but channeling your neon animal printed 'do into a dress was a major no-no.  The hot pink toga dress turned into a hot pink mess. In truth I wouldn't even 'go' to Dominos or RedBox in it. I was sad to see her leave; with Kooan and Buffi gone the quirky designers are quickly disappearing.
Buffi's toga dress
What did you think of this week's episode? I wanted them to bring back someone else since three were eliminated in this episode! 


Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

i still haven't watched it. haha i know! i know! i'm adoring that first dress. love the way it's draped.

Chelsea Green said...

I still have a lot of cleaning up to do on my DVR as well. My TV has gotten quite lonely competing with all this summer sunshine! It’s a good thing I’ve been recording Project Runway because, based on your review, this season seems to have a lot of talent and drama brewing! I will have to catch up ASAP. Luckily, I don’t have to worry that past episodes got deleted to make room for new recordings since I have the Hopper DVR with loads of memory space. A glass of wine and some Project Runway sound like the perfect evening following a full day of work at Dish. I can’t wait! : )

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