Flower Power

Happy Spring Everyone! Are the daffodils beginning to bloom where you are? They certainly are here in D.C.!  To put a little spring in your step, your hair or on your shirt, here's a quick and easy project to dress up your warmer weather style.

For this project you'll need:
- a square of fabric (cotton or felt have worked best for me)
- fabric scissors
- hot glue gun
- pin, large bobby pin or headband
- template petals (one 1" wide, one 1/2" wide, one small one)

Step 1: Using your templates, cut out 6 petals of each size.  Nature is perfectly imperfect so don't fret if the petals aren't exactly alike. Cut out a felt circle, this will be your base.

Step 2: Fold each large petal's tip in half and glue the tip closed at its narrowest part.  This will cause the petals to curl up creating some texture.

Step 3: Arrange the petals how you like them and glue them to your felt circle.  

Step 4:  Repeat steps 2 and 3 with the medium and small petals (change it up and leave some petals flat if you like.)

Step 5:  When finished gluing all of the petals down, flip the flower over and glue the pin/bobby pin/headband to the back of the felt circle.  You can accessorize the center with a different circle of fabric, rhinestones, buttons, whatever you like.  I went simple here and left it bare.

Step 6:  Wear with DIY pride! 

I just love these!  They cost next to nothing to make (50 cent felt) and take less than 20 minutes to assemble.  I can see one big bright flower or several small ones pinned on your spring blazer, or atop an adorable headband for you, a baby or toddler, or even attached to some ribbon as a gift wrapping accessory.    


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