Fashionable Friend Friday: So Many Scarves

Of the multitude of accessories out there, few are as versatile as the scarf. This week certainly reminded me of that.  Scarves can serve as neck warmers, hair ties, belts, pseudo vests and wraps and handbag add-ons.  As much as I love scarves, I tend to wear them the same way every time so I will be storing some of these ideas away for the future. Here are our 5 takes on getting the most out of our scarves.

Andrea took Sini's large leopard print/zebra embellished scarf to the max as a belt on a simple black and white look and found the most perfect bracelet in her stash to match it perfectly.  Here she is hamming it up in her scarf.

Sini wore Marisol's color blocked scarf as a statement piece with an otherwise basic blue cowl dress.  I love how she tied the scarf and how her arm warmers match the purple in the scarf. 

Marisol rocked Andrea's leaf print scarf by pairing it with similar colored items and another print.  Pulling in the purple of the scarf with the cardigan was a fun way to tie everything together. Definitely a fun look for work or play.

Corey sported Andrea's silk floral scarf on her handbag all week and as a necktie yesterday (but I left my point-and-shoot at work today, sorry Corey!)  I think tying a scarf on a purse is such a chic accessory as Corey demonstrates below.

I wore Corey's teal scarf as a belt to jazz up a summery dress that has a lot of black to it.  Unfortunately our office got really hot and I had to take off my cardigan and wore the scarf belt as a wrap for the latter part of the day.  

If you need some additional scarf wearing inspiration you should absolutely watch this video by Wendy's Lookbook.  It's adorable, she has enviable scarves and ways of tying them.  Happy Weekend everyone!



Steph C. said...

hahah! i love the collection of scarves!
fun post!



Laura Go said...

Cara, your friendsies are so fashionable! I love how each of them showed how truly versatile a good scarf is! I really like the way you wore it as a belt. I'd like to try it! which means, I need a super long scarf!
♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights

silvergirl said...

cute post
love all the ways the scarves are being worn
i love that scarf video
have sent it to everyone i know lol

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

You ladies are simply awesome!!! Cara, YOU WORKED IT GIRL. I love your outfit. It's BEAUTIFUL! That's a fab video. I think I know about 7 of them. HAHAHAHA Have an amazing weekend pretty lady.

Anonymous said...

I'm such a scarf girl too. I love Marisol's outfit; there are so many colors and patterns but it WORKS. I've said it before, but your workplace is really stylish!

I've watched Wendy's scarf video about...oh, let's say a million times. It's so fun!

Bravoe Runway said...

Love these looks created with the scarf! Cara you look great in blue :)

All Things Yummy said...

Yay, I love scarves.

Samantha said...

This was definitely a fun one!! You and your gal pals are so creative! Love how everyone had their own take!!

xo, sam

Heather said...

Scarves are my absolute favorite way to change up a look!


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