Little Bits of Happy, and an outfit

I hate admitting it here, but I've been stressed out with real life lately.  As much as I love (and thrive on) being busy, the past few weeks have been overwhelmingly so. On top of everything else I have been fighting insomnia  for two weeks and over the weekend the work stress, lack of sleep and the 30+ miles of marathon training a week proved too much for me and I cracked.  Fortunately I was at my parents in Boston and my mom lent me her shoulder to cry on, her kind ear to listen, oh and a few cookies.  Even though life's been a bit tough, there are always bright spots to every day.  Here are a few that have made the past few weeks a bit brighter:

My mom treated me to a mani/pedi on Monday.  She insisted I try a shellac manicure since she's a big fan.  Two days in and no chips or marks in sight!  I love that as soon as the dryer stops you are good to go. As a busy, impatient gal I could get on board with this smudge proof manicure. 

This book is not exactly uplifting but its really gripping.  Set in the neighboring town to my hometown and the park I ran right by on Saturday(!) made it that much more engaging.  The end was pretty surprising, and calls into question how far one would go for their family.

 Image via www.hellomiami.com
Have you tried a bar/barre workout? Marisol and I did at The Bar Method after work and it was awesome! Runners are notoriously inflexible and we showed how true that was this evening. The class was a combination of ballet positions, stretching and strength training.  Such an awesome burn!


Finding new music like Ellie Goulding's album, Lights and re-finding old favorites like this song on my iPod.  Something about this song instantly calms me.
And it wouldn't be Wednesday without an outfit.  I wore this sometime last week when I realized this sweater hasn't been worn since before Christmas.

Sweater - Old Navy, Pants - Ann Taylor Loft, Shoes - Plenty by Tracy Reese, Purse - Dooney & Bourke, Flower barrette - DIY, Necklace - swapped from Marisol, Bracelets - Gifts

Thanks for reading and being patient while I get back on track. I would love to know what little things pick you up during a rough week or two!   


Carrie said...

Cute sweater -- it looks great with the red accessories!
Hmm, a great pick-me-up for me is an e-mail to a good friend, briefly letting her know what's going on and asking her to think good thoughts for me. :) Oh, and chocolate. :)

Courtney Erin said...

When I'm feeling down nothing picks me up like just curling up on the couch for a but and watching several hours of a TV show that makes me laugh. And, also, I've always wanted to try a barre class - they look like a lot of fun, not to mention being a really good workout.

Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

Anonymous said...

Sorry you're having a stressful week. :( Cookies make everything better. Your flower barrette is super cute. Tutorial?

Anonymous said...

That nail polish color is a sure pick me up - loving pink right now! I'm a bit of a runner myself (although no marathons in my future) but I started doing yoga recently and I never knew I was so inflexible and tight until yoga. Its soooooo hard! Thanks for stopping by my blog btw I'll be posting my 'after' of the juice cleanse soon. Hope you are feeling better.

P xo

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

Hey Cara, we all go through things like this. It's healthy to cry and let it out. I do the same. I try and do things I love as you have shown here. If we didn't have ups and downs, we wouldn't be human. haha I love that nail polish. The color is awesome. Great top too! Things will turn around. Anytime you want to share, we are all here for you. ((HUG))

silvergirl said...

a mani/pedi will make anyone feel better
i haven't tried the barre method yet, but would love to
might have to check into it around here

Van @ The Clothes We Wear said...

Cara! Hope your days are getting better. I hear you on the stress. This time of year gets quite busy for me and I often feel like I'm on survival mode for weeks on end. A bright shade of lip color brightens any day for me. Love the bubblegum pink nails!

Samantha said...

Cara, hope you are doing okay. Life can get so overwhelming at times. I'm glad you were near family - that always makes things better. :)

xo, sam

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